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Why Am I Not Getting the Internet Speed I’m Paying For?

May 23, 2023
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3 Top Problems and Solutions

It can be very frustrating not getting the internet speed you expect or pay for. Fast, reliable internet is what we all want. As we spend more of our lives online and connect more and more devices, having a fast internet connection is more important than ever.

There are several factors that can slow down your connection or give you a low speed.

Let’s look at some of the most common problems and solutions to help you understand your home network and some troubleshooting tips to pin down the cause.

Problem 1: Slow Internet Connection

Everyone knows the feeling: you’re using your laptop or streaming a program and suddenly the internet seems to slow down. Why? From background programs running to the number of devices connected or to the distance from your router, there are many reasons your internet connection may slow down.

There could be a problem with your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) or router, the Wi-Fi signal strength and the distance from your router, or the number of devices using your bandwidth.

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection or your speed test result shows a slow download speed it’s time to look at the reasons why.

There are things in your home that interfere and could even block your Wi-Fi signal. Some of them are building materials like steel or concrete, electronics, home office equipment like printers, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, microwave ovens, security systems, or a large aquarium. Yes, even water can absorb the signal.

Solution: You want to establish a centralized location in your home for your router. Make sure it’s not stuffed behind a door, your TV, or in a closet as that may reduce the signal.

An internet connection is a shared resource that is mostly used throughout your home via a Wi-Fi signal. A speed test done over Wi-Fi shows you the speed you’re getting at that moment. The speed the router can deliver is less with each additional device that connects. And weaker still with interference and your proximity to the router. Doing a speed test using an ethernet cable directly to the modem or ONT will give you the best result.

There are many factors you should take into consideration to ensure you and your family have the strongest Wi-Fi throughout your home.

Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones in your home with Quadro’s Mesh Wi-Fi extender or consider a second Quadro router.

Problem 2: I’m Testing but the Speed is Low

When performing an internet speed test, a wired connection using an ethernet cable will always be faster than testing over Wi-Fi. If you connect to your router via a wireless connection, there are several factors that can lower your internet speeds. Some of which you can control.

Solution: The best way a customer can test is to connect directly to the modem or the ONT using an ethernet cable. Wi-Fi is not a reliable way to test speed.

Consider the number of devices using your Wi-Fi at the same time. Are there too many for the internet package you have? Other possible causes could be that other devices are running in the background. There could be something else connecting to your router actively using your Wi-Fi and affecting the test. Cloud-based services are also online and using your speeds in the background that you’re not even aware of. Devices or computers that are uploading photos, documents to the cloud, or your laptop doing an update for example.

But running a speed test by connecting directly to the modem will give you the incoming internet speed by bypassing the router.

Another factor to consider is the speed of your internet package and how many devices you have connected at one time. Homes are becoming ‘smarter’ with smart thermostats, video monitoring, doorbells, etc. These will all have an impact on your Wi-Fi.

Problem 3: 1 Gig Speed is Low and My Computer is Too Slow

I have the 1 Gig Internet package and my computer is running too slow. Shouldn’t it be a blazing-fast speed?

Solution: This level is excellent for frequent and heavy internet usage on numerous devices all online at the same time. If you’re an online gamer and your internet is not reacting fast enough there are a couple of factors involved that we can look at.

What are you using to test? On some laptops or computers, the hardware is not adequate to pull a 1 Gig speed. Even if you test directly using an ethernet cable and you see you’re not getting the expected speed.

It’s especially important to note that if you’re using our 1 Gig package, you need a laptop or computer with enough horsepower that’s capable of handling the communication at that speed. Not all models of laptops and computers have enough power. Check the level of hardware on your computer.

Remember, your Wi-Fi router can be crucial in determining the internet speeds you get throughout your home. Use these tips to help you maximize your home Wi-Fi signal to enjoy faster internet.

We want you to have fast, reliable home internet and Wi-Fi. With each home having more connected devices than ever, all requiring more ‘bandwidth’, nothing less than the best will do.

You don’t have to troubleshoot your internet or Wi-Fi problems alone.

Call us today at 1-800-265-4983 to speak with one of our qualified support team members to learn more about our Managed Wi-Fi Experience or speak to a customer service representative about upgrading your internet package. You can view Quadro’s internet offerings by visiting our website.

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