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About Quadro/ Why Choose Quadro?

Barry S.
Field Operations

Why Choose Quadro

The quick answer, we’re local, just like you!

What does that mean to you?

Quadro will provide you with the most innovative products and services to meet your families or business’ needs, with the added benefit that we are located in your neighbourhood. You can visit us and speak directly to a Customer Service Representative at one of our three convenient retail locations in Kirkton, Mitchell and St. Marys. If you want a new service, our Installation and Repair team can have you up and running within a week (most times sooner).  Have a service issue with your internet or computer network, our technicians are in the community. If we can’t resolve the issue remotely, one of our team members will be there the next morning, if not that afternoon to repair it.

As your neighbour, we still have that ‘smaller community’ service feel, while delivering the same or superior services that are offered in the bigger cities. Quadro was the first telephone company in Canada to deploy a 100-percent Fibre-to-the-Home network (FTTH) to our customers when we completed the ‘copper legacy replacement’ project in our traditional exchange service areas in 2016.

What sets Quadro apart?

  • All of our service area is within a 30-minute drive of one of our locations and support network operations center.
  • Quadro is a Co-Operative business model, where membership really does have it’s privileges.
  • As a Co-operative, we are member driven and transparent in our pricing models (there are no hidden fees).
  • Our board, comprised of your fellow members, drives the strategic direction of the company.
  • Quadro is very committed to the communities that we serve, demonstrated in our community involvement program(s).
  • Quadro annually encourages the development of our youth, through our Scholarship and Leadership offers.
  • We provide community and service groups opportunities to share their events through our Community Events page and our digital TV cable channel.
  • All of Quadro’s internet packages come with a modem and have unlimited data.
  • Mobile services are provided on Canada’s largest LTE Network.
  • We’re big enough to be fully attentive to the communities we serve, but small enough to remain innovative and responsive to our members needs.
  • Quadro, from it’s roots, has been serving our communities for over 95 years and the last 25 years as a Co-Operative.
  • Quadro seeks to provide top notch service at all times and is very price competitive.


Exhibit integrity, transparency and value in everything we do.


Enrich our customers’ experience with personal service and innovative products.


Fulfill the evolving needs of our customers.


Innovate. Adapt. Lead.