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Quad Squad/ Remote Support

Quad Squad Remote Support

Use TeamViewer to Connect

Quadro’s Quad Squad department is pleased to offer you remote support to assist with and resolve your computer/device issues.  Quadro uses TeamViewer to allow for remote access support (we use it on our own computers with staff in our various locations).  It is easy to use and the process begins by clicking the Download Now button below. However, before you do, please read the information below.

 TeamViewer software can connect to any PC or server, so you can remote control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. For your remote session to work you’ll have to start a small application, which does not require installation or administrative rights.

When you run TeamViewer, you are assigned an ID on their broker server. You make a connection to a TeamViewer I.D and TeamViewer passes the connection down through the TeamViewer to Quadro. You’ll be prompted to provide the password to the Quad Squad representative and then the connection establishes afterwards.

Remote Support Security and Privacy:

 TeamViewer is safe to use and has proper security measures in place.

By clicking the download button below, you are downloading a temporary version of TeamViewer for use with a Quad Squad representative.  The software is not being added permanently to your computer/device.

You must give authorization to start the session, before the Quad Squad representative can access your computer to resolve your issue.  When the session is complete and the connection exited, Quadro will no longer have access to your computer/device, until you allow a new remote session. When the issue is successfully resolved, the TeamViewer application will drop from your computer/device.

Note: The TeamViewer download is free to you, no matter how often you download it. Quadro’s Quad Squad regular service charges to fix your issue apply and can be found in our downloadable Rate Sheet (click rate sheet to see it).  Quad Squad services are billed at $89.95 per hour.  The first 30 minutes of a call is charged at $49.95.

If you’re seeking remote support, but have not yet spoken with a Quadro Quad Squad representative, you may download TeamViewer, however, nothing will happen, until you’ve called us at 519.229.8933, option 1 and speak with a Quad Squad Representative to begin the process of establishing a remote support session.

We look forward to supporting your computer repair and I.T. solution requirements.

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