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Mobility: Frequently Asked Questions

What packages can I add to my cell phone for travelling outside of Canada?

There are many options that you can choose from depending on where outside of Canada you are travelling to. There are different packages that you can add for texting, talking and data. Please contact 519-229-8933 for more details and current package prices.

What is my cellular voicemail password?

At the time of activation you will be given a temporary voicemail. We strongly recommend that you change this password to something that you will remember.

What happens if I forget my cellular voicemail password?

If you forget your cellular voicemail password please call 519-229-8933 and we are able to reset your password – from there you will then have to change your password.

How can I monitor my data usage on my cellular device?

There is an application that you can download on your smart phone in order to watch your monthly data usage. The application is called Bell Mobility Smart Serve.  However, if you don’t have data on your cell plan and only use Wi-Fi, you cannot use this service.

Will my phone work outside of Canada?

Prepaid – If you have a prepaid device where you have to add minutes on your phone then your device will not work outside of Canada.


Postpaid – if you have a monthly plan on your phone then your plan will work outside of Canada – keeping in mind that the text, talk and data rates vary and change frequently depending on where outside Canada you are. Please call 519-229-8933 for more details.

Is there a cost to using Wi-Fi on my cellular device?

Most of the time there is no cost when using Wi-Fi – that might not always be the case, some places will charge for Wi-Fi use. Wi-Fi is becoming more and more accessible from coffee shops, hotels and cruises.

How do I check my cellular voicemail?

Press and hold the 1 key on your cellular device, this will call your cellular voicemail. You will then proceed to follow the voice prompts.

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