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Business/ Business Phone Service Rates

Business Phone Service Rates

Below you’ll discover the basic phone line rate and all of the available features for your business. Please review the materials and contact our Business Solutions office to schedule an appointment to discuss all plans, business phone systems, set-up and features.

  • 911 Fee From $0.15
    NG911 Fee (ILEC ONLY) $0.45
    Bell Relay Fee From $0.13
    Includes Quadro Around the Clock
    No Installation Fee*
    No Activation Fee
    Port Your Existing Phone Number

Business Long Distance Plans:

Quadro Business - Around the Clock (Included)

Calls are $0.04/min. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within North America.

(International Calling not included).

Quadro Business Flex Plan

Choose your volume level for lower per minute costs when you commit to a minimum monthly usage fee (does not include international calls):

Minutes Fee
1,000 $35
2,000 $65
4,000 $120
8,000 $220
12,000 $300

Quadro Toll-Free Number Set-Up

There is no charge for a toll-free number set up for Quadro Business Customers.

Incoming calls to your toll free number are charged according to your calling plan.

∗ Please note, the actual price for your business phone service rates and installation fees will vary depending on the location of your business due to CRTC regulations.

Please speak with your Business Solutions Representative to get a complete and accurate quote at no charge.

To read the most common questions we receive in regard to our Business Services, please click the button below.


Star Features User Guide.

Calling Feature Activate Deactivate
Call Answer *83 to access messages and set-up *91 to stop taking messages when the line is busy.
Call Return *69 to dial the last caller *89 to cancel a Call Return request – monthly subscription required
Busy Call Return *66 to monitor a busy line and inform you when it’s free. *86 to cancel a Busy Call Return Request. Note: a monthly subscription is required.
Call Blocking *67 to block your name and phone number from the person you are calling.
Call Forwarding *72 to forward your Quadro home phone calls to any number. *73 to turn off Call Forwarding – a monthly subscription is required
Call Waiting To switch to another call,  press the LINK, FLASH or SWITCH HOOK buttons or press and release the receiver button *70 to turn the service off temporarily .   *49 to deactivate long distance call notification. Note a monthly subscription is required
Visual Call Waiting To switch to another call,  press the LINK, FLASH or SWITCH HOOK buttons or press and release the receiver button *70 to temporarily turn off the service.   Note: must subscribe to Name & Number and Call Waiting.
Three Way Calling *71 to talk with two people at the same time, or talk privately with one party while the other holds. Note: a monthly subscription is required.
Call Screen *60 to access your Call Screen list and turn service on or off. *60 to turn Call Screen on or off.  Note: a monthly subscription is required.
Speed Dial *74 to enter your 8 number list
Call Trace *57 to record the number of a caller that’s harassing or threatening you. Note: Only use in real emergencies, only the police get the information and there is a cost involved.

For complete instructions to get the most from your Home Phone, download the user guide.