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About Quadro/ Quadro Board of Directors

Quadro Board of Directors

Russ Barker - Board Chair

Russ has been a member of the Kirkton Woodham community since 1993.  Married to Cathy with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  Russ was asked to run for a board position in 2016.  Russ is currently the Board Chair and brings broad experience in sales and business relationships to the board table.

Remco Brinke

Remco and his wife, Karen, have four active teenagers residing outside of Kirkton. As a family, they keep busy being outdoors with hiking, camping and sports. Remco and family own and operate a dairy and swine farm business.  Currently, Remco is a delegate for the Gaylea Foods Co-op, and sits on their audit committee.  He is a graduate from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce in Agriculture, and worked as an Agricultural Account Manager for a bank before coming back to the family farm.  Remco wanted to join the Quadro Board to be part of a growing Co-op, where his skills can add value and be part of our local community.

Paul Krevs

Paul is currently an IT Security Director for a large public sector organization. He has always had a keen interest in technology and holds degrees in Computer Network Engineering and Information Technology.  Paul joined the board so that he can apply his professional experience and technical know-how in service of his community. He lives just outside Stratford with his wife Krista and their two young children.

Krista Linklater

Krista is a vibrant and committed member of the Stratford-Perth community.  She is an Independent Consultant who brings a wealth of non-profit, operational and high-tech industry knowledge through her work with various Corporations, Foundations and Boards of Directors.

Krista, with her husband and two daughters, live in St. Marys and are committed to making the world a better place.

Anne MacNeill

Anne currently works as a part time Senior Bookkeeper at the St. Marys Golf and Country Club and has extensive administrative experience and held a variety of positions ranging from Human Resources to Graphic Design during her career.  With her background, Anne is aware of and understands the commitment it takes to provide outstanding service to our amazing community, and having this, makes a good fit for joining the Quadro Board of Directors.  It is her chance to give back in a concrete way.

Stewart Slater - Vice Chair

Stew operates a fifth-generation family farm near Uniondale, producing certified organic milk.  For nearly 40 years he has also dabbled in community journalism and agricultural journalism, with his current off-farm activities mainly with Farmtario farm newspaper. In 2003, he was approached by the Quadro Board of Directors to write a history book about the cooperative and its predecessor company, Blanshard Municipal Telephone System.  The outcomes of that project included the book “80 Years of Telephone History”, as well as an enduring awareness of the potential for state-of-the-art telecommunications to enrich the lives of small-town and rural Ontarians.  He was elected for his first three-year term in 2018, and for a second-term in 2021.  Stew currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Quadro Board of Directors, as well as one of the Quadro board’s two representatives on the Board of Directors for QR Fibre – the joint-venture with Festival Hydro that was a mandate of financing the construction of fibre-to-the-home infrastructure within the Town of St. Marys.