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News and Community/ Community Involvement

At Quadro, we provide community support where we live. To that end, we put funds into the hands of our communities leaders through our donations and sponsorship program. Quadro’s community involvement team’s focus is to promote good relations and support employee involvement in the individual communities we serve. Our community involvement team will designate funds to local groups and organizations with the general well wishes of the co-operative membership in mind. All submissions should be made in writing and emailed to the community team by completing the form at the bottom of this page.  Please note that we have a flat amount that we commit to our communities. It is imperative that you submit your request as soon as possible to avoid being left out.

Community Involvement – Focus

Quadro will fund programs that meet our vision and clearly demonstrate the criteria below:

  • Funding requests that are focused on enabling youth to succeed
  • Employee involvement with the organization
  • Aligns with our interest in health (including recreation) and education
  • Ideally defines and measures social outcomes and is a benefit to the community
  • Priority consideration is given to Quadro member customers.

Community Involvement – Exclusions

The following donation and sponsorship requests are not eligible for financial support from Quadro.

  • Projects involving a single individual
  • Video, DVD and film production
  • Travel and tours
  • Events outside of the Quadro community/service area
  • Religious or political groups
  • In-kind donations such as local or long-distance telephone services, or requests for reduced rates on telecommunication rates or services.

Community Involvement – Things You Should Know

  • Charities and community organizations can apply once per year.
  • Charities and community organizations can apply the next year, but are not guaranteed funding.
  • Quadro kindly requests a follow up report on how our donation was used and the benefit to the community.
  • Funding for Capital Investments is outside this scope. Requests for capital and long-term financial commitments should be made in writing and directed to Quadro’s General Manager to be taken to the board.
  • Community foundations are eligible for funding, only if a specific program managed by the foundation fits within existing funding guidelines, as outlined above.

Quadro also provides two $1,000 scholarships annually. Please visit the scholarship page for full details.

Community Donation Request

  • Person representing the organization for this request
  • The number we can reach the representative at for further information.
  • Representatives email address
  • Please tell us what type of request you are making.
  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, docx.
    Please submit your written request via the upload field. Acceptable file formats are a Word document or a PDF
    Maximum file size - 10 mega bytes.
  • Confirmation * Required
    Please confirm that you've read the eligibility requirements, and that you are authorizing Quadro to reach out via email or phone for further clarification and to respond to your request.