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Mobile devices and plans to keep you connected

All the latest smartphones and competitive plans for voice and data to meet your needs and budget.

Quadro has a unique partnership to be able to offer smartphone customers access to one of Canada’s best national networks and access to the latest mobile devices, paired with our personal customer service in our three showrooms in Kirkton, Mitchell and St. Marys.


There are a lot of quality phones on the market today and you’re certain to find one that you like and enjoy. View our available phone selection today.

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Quadro has you and your phone covered!

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Personal Plans

Personal plans for your mobile device, designed to meet your needs and budget.

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Travel Packages

Before you go, ensure that you have the best travel package plan that fits your need and budget. There are talk, text, and data options available to you to choose from.

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Alert Ready

Alert Ready is designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to Canadians through all broadcast cable channels; television, radio and your compatible mobile smartphone device.

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Enhanced 911

Like regular 911, E-911 (Enhanced 911) gives you the ability to contact emergency services from your cellular device.

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Not with Quadro?

Schedule an appointment and have our qualified customer service team provide you with a free assessment of your current plan.