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Quad Squad/ Device & Computer Setup

Computer Setup

You’ve just purchased a new computer or device (tablet) for your home or office. Get your device and computer setup, installed and personalized by the Quad Squad team. You will be able to get started quickly and know it is properly configured for security and ease of use.

Setup and personalize settings of a new computer or tablet. Service includes all critical software/operating system updates, performance review including tweaks for optimal performance and removal of pre-installed trail software/adware. Installation of client requested software (e.g. Apple Music, Firefox, Skype, etc.) and printer installation. As part of your computer setup, Quad Squad will create a recovery media file; DVDs, or a USB drive (whichever is more cost effective) is also included in your price.

  • In Store $ 89.95
    On-Site $ 89.95/hr

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