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Qtv/ Free Previews

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Free Previews are a great way to try it, before you buy it.

Find the right stations with the content you want to enhance your Quadro Complete package by taking advantage of a broadcasters free preview. Free previews are available to viewers on a temporary basis so check back often to see which channels are on free preview.  Scroll through the page to find the channels that appeal to you. For a complete channel guide visit: the TV Channels page


Wild TV Channel 412

Logo for the Wild Pursuit Network, channel 412 a part of the Sports package.

Free Preview from Oct. 10 to Nov. 30th

Wild TV is Canada’s premiere Hunting and Fishing channel. Catch fan favourite programs, in addition to, new and exciting shows and marathons, such as WHITETALL MADNESS, THE MARATHON OF EPIC WHITETAIL HUNTS. Follow 10 elite hunters in the first-ever live hunting show, BOWZONE LIVE, Real, Raw and unscripted.

Wild TV is Quadro channel 412 and is available to add to your Quadro Complete package as either a stand-alone Pick and Pay or in Quadro’s deep Sports theme.

Enjoy the free preview from Saturday October 10th to Monday November 30th.

CBC News Network - Channel 392

LB - CBC News World logo for the Lookback table

Free Preview from Oct. 13 to Dec. 15th

Due to the second wave of Covid-19, CBC New Network is once again opening their channel so that all Canadians can stay current on National and local news.

CBC News Network is Quadro channel 392 and will be on a free view from Tuesday October 13 to Tuesday December 15th. 

Rewind - Channel 622

Logo for Rewind channel 622 a part of the Movie package

Free Preview Oct. 15, 2020 to Jan. 15, 2021

Rewind is a Canadian television channel giving a curated throwback movie experience. Relive the moment you first saw flying DeLoreans, bullet-time blockbusters, Scottish junkies, and charismatic cannibals. Rediscover the characters, quotes, and plot twists that defined pop culture today. Reconnect with some of your favourite films, or discover a film that you’ve never seen before. Reward yourself with our lineup of hundreds of movies, watch them uncensored, and in HD.

Reconnect. Rediscover. Relive. Rewind. Enjoy Rewind on free preview from October 15th until January 15th, 2021 on Quadro channel 622.

Silver Screen Classics - Channel 536

Logo for Silver Screen channel 536 a part of the Movie package

Free Preview Oct. 15, 2020 to Jan. 15, 2021

Silver Screen Classics is the only Canadian television station specializing in classic films, serving up legendary movie stars like: John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers, Charlie Chaplin, Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas, Spencer Tracy, Marlon Brando, and many others.

Enjoy these classic films all in one place on Quadro TV Movies theme. Enjoy Silver Screen Classics on a free preview from Oct. 15th to January 15th, 2021 on channel 536.

Learn more about Quadro’s TV packages here: Quadro TV Packages

Lifetime Canada Channel 615

LB - Lifetime Channel logo for the Lookback table

Free Preview Nov. 1 to Dec. 13, 2020

Mark your calendar and explore all that Lifetime Canada has to offer during its Free Preview from November 1 to December 13th.

With exclusive movies, award-winning dramas and exciting reality series, Lifetime empowers women to find their strength through the transformative power and attraction of entertainment.

Catch Lifetime Canada’s free preview from November 1, 2020 to December 13th, 2020 on Quadro Channel 615.

W Network - Channel 565

Logo for W Network channel 565 a part of Lifestyle package

Free Preview Nov. 1 to Dec. 13th, 2020

W Network is the trusted home of great storytelling for women.  Enjoy entertainment’s biggest holiday franchise ever, Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas! The annual two-month celebration delivers holiday movies 24/7, with 38 new premieres and signature holiday classics. See full premiere schedule at

Catch the free preview on Quadro channel 565 from November 1st to December 13th, 2020.

W Network is Quadro Channel 565 and is a part of Quadro’s Lifestyle Theme, available to add to your Quadro Complete package. W Network is also available to add to Complete as a stand-alone Pick-and-Pay option.

HiFi Channel - Channel 279

LB - HIFI Channel Logo for Lookback table

Free Preview Nov. 2nd to Jan. 3, 2021

Offering an unique blend of classic films, favourite flicks and iconic series, HIFI has your entertainment covered. Sink into your sofa and enjoy uncut movies each night and limited commercial interruption all day, every day!

Enjoy the HIFI Channel free preview on Quadro Channel 279 from Monday November 2nd to Sunday January 3rd, 2021. 

HIFI is a part of Quadro’s HD 2 Theme pack and available to add to your Complete package. To learn more, visit the TV Packages page.

Love Nature Channel 276

Logo for Love Nature Channel 276 a part of HD package 2

Free Preview Nov. 2nd, 2020 to Jan. 3rd, 2021

Love Nature brings audiences closer to the beauty and wonder of nature, sharing awe-inspiring stories and shining a light on the fight for survival in a changing world. Commercial-free and shot in the highest quality, Love Nature offers viewers exclusive content from around the globe.  Watch for the premier of the new series ‘STORMBORN’, on Sunday November 15th at 9:00 pm.

Enjoy the free preview of Love Nature from November 2nd, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021 on channel 276.

CTV News Channel 391

Free Preview Until December 31st, 2020

CTV News Channel has extended their free view until December 31st  on Quadro channel 391.