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Business/ Business Internet Packages

Unlimited High Speed Business Internet

As a Quadro Business customer, included in your internet package is Quadro’s Wi-FI Router, ($9.95 monthly value) and priority support services, should you have an internet related issue.

  • Nice NTCA Smart Rural Community logo and Gig Certified Badge all in one.

    Download Speed Up to 1 Gbps
    Upload Speed Up to 50 Mbps

    Your fastest package yet! Blazing fast speed that takes your internet to a new level. Includes Priority Service, and a Wi-Fi router

  • Download Speed Up to 250 Mbps
    Upload Speed Up to 25 Mbps

    Keeping your business connected with HD & 4K video conferencing and screen sharing.   Includes: Priority Service, and a Wi-Fi router.

  • Download Speed Up to 150 Mbps
    Upload Speed Up to 15 Mbps

    Best speed for frequent and heavy internet usage. Perfect for businesses with a large team and many data transfers. Includes: Priority Service, and a Wi-Fi router.

  • Download Speed Up to 100 Mbps
    Upload Speed Up to 10 Mbps

    Excellent for larger business with all the same demands and more employees. Includes; a Wi-Fi Router, and priority service.

  • Download Speed Up to 50 Mbps
    Upload Speed Up to 10 Mbps

    Quadro’s recommended introductory speed. Perfect for a small business for emailing, using social networking sites, on-line meetings & browsing the web. Includes: Priority Service, and a Wi-Fi Router.

  • ∗Fibre service is not available in all Quadro service areas. With the exception of Quadro LTE customers, all businesses can access up to 100 Mbps download speeds. Your speeds are subject to device capabilities. Speak to a Business Solutions Representative for full details and to confirm the service your business can access.

Add Wi-Fi to Your Office

Included with your internet service is a Quadro wireless router.  With the Quadro Wi-Fi router, Quadro’s support team will be able to service your wireless network in your office at no additional cost. Speak with your Customer Service Representative for full details.

*some conditions may apply.

No Monthly Data Usage Limits

Enjoy no unlimited data usage when you subscribe to a Quadro business internet service. This allows you to use the internet freely without worrying about how much you are downloading and uploading each month! No limits and no fees will give you worry free data usage!

*some conditions may apply.

No Costly Modem Rentals

There are no modem rental fees on any of our packages.

It's Fast - Real Fast

As part of our ever evolving commitment to improve technology and fulfill the increasing demands for internet services, Quadro has and continues to implement speed increases across our network. With more and more devices connecting to the internet, we strive to continually provide you with an exceptional internet experience. In addition, we will provide each of our customers with an in person service experience. Should you have questions or require assistance, you will be able to speak directly with one of our team or visit us at one of our three retail locations in Kirkton, St. Marys or Mitchell.  As a Co-operative, our customers come first.

Reliable & Secure

Our high speed technologies are less susceptible to glitches or interference, such as potential disruptions from inclement weather. It provides the flexibility to offer you more advanced services with greater reliability. Quadro strives to protect the integrity of our network and our customers from malicious internet attacks. We achieve this through advanced system monitoring and sharing information via our social media channels and workshops.

Interested in One of Our Services?

Give us a call at 519-229-8933 or reach out to us to get started!