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Quad Squad/ Router Installation

Setting up your internal network at home or the office properly is a critical part to minimizing potential cyber-security issues like being hacked. Have the Quad Squad team over to perform a router installation and set up and have a measure of confidence that you have protection and a fully function and tested Wi-Fi network. Set up of a router includes the configuration of settings, including the S.S.ID (Service Set IDentifier), the name assigned to a Wi-Fi (wireless) network. the firewall settings and port forwarding (if required). The Quad Squad team will complete a site survey for signal quality assessment, after physically connecting the router to your network and troubleshooting the wireless connection.

The router installation service is only available on-site at your residence or business.  The cost for the router installation is $ 89.95/hr.

Call today and feel confident that you are as secure as possible.