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Fibre Projects

We encourage you to learn more about Quadro, the Benefits of Membership and understanding the power of Fibre Optics.

During the construction phase of any Fibre project, there is no charge to the resident or business to have the Fibre connection brought to the premise(s).   Please note, by agreeing to have the Fibre connection brought to your home, you are under no obligation to sign up for any of Quadro’s services. Your personal information will only be used to bring the Fibre to your home and contact you regarding project updates.

If you’re located in an area where Quadro is placing Fibre Optics, please fill out the form below and hit subscribe to give Quadro permission to place the fibre to your premise and to stay up to date on the project.

If you are renting your current space, Quadro requires consent of your Landlord to access the premise to bury services.

Current Fibre Projects 2022/2023

Click on the below town to see up to date information regarding specific projects


  • Heavy equipment construction has begun.  Target completion date end of November.
  • Buried service wires will not be going to the sides of premises until late Spring and/or Summer of 2023.


  • Heavy equipment construction is complete.
  • Quadro continues to bury service wires to the sides of homes and businesses who granted us permission to do so.

Lucan - William St. to Ausable Fields Development

  • Heavy equipment construction to begin in September.

St. Marys

  • Quadro continues to bury service wires to the sides of homes and businesses who granted us permission to do so.


  • Heavy construction equipment has been completed on North East side of town.
  • Vaults are currently being placed.
  • Buried service wires will continue to take place as we move throughout town.


  • Heavy equipment construction is ongoing.
  • Quadro will be burying service wires to the sides of homes and businesses who granted us permission to do so the remainder of 2022 and into the Spring of 2023.

Complete The Form To Grant Permission To Bring Fibre To Your Premise FREE OF CHARGE

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Quadro Serving Area 2022

Fibre to the Home

Fibre optics is a glass cable (comparable to a strand of human hair) designed to guide light along its length. When used in communication applications, fibre optics permit transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates than other forms of communications – ideal for Quadro’s widespread serving area.

Telecommunications at the speed of light! Quadro’s fibre to the home allows for more bandwidth, the way we measure speed, provides improved video streaming and makes browsing a much more pleasant experience. Watching TV, streaming HD video, connecting your smartphone and computer to the internet all at the same time is a reality with Quadro’s fibre optic network, as the network doesn’t slow down, even during peak usage times.

Note: routers and other devices you connect to your network may affect the speed and performance of your network.