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Fibre Projects/ Fibre FAQ


Advantages of Fibre Optics

Telecommunications at the speed of light!

Quadro’s Fibre to the home or business allows for more bandwidth (the way we measure speed) which provides improved internet experiences, whether streaming entertainment or playing an online video game. Your connected devices can access the internet at the exact same time. Your Quadro network will not slow down, even during peak usage time¹.


GREATER RELIABILITY: Services provided over the Fibre optic network are the most secure and reliable communication technology available today. The Fibre optic connections are dedicated, meaning the connection runs securely from the customer to the data switch.

COST EFFECTIVE: Fibre optic cable is more advanced, yet, less expensive than the equivalent length of cooper wire, allowing the co-operative to bring services to the under-served regions in our area faster.

EDUCATION: The increased bandwidth provides rural students and healthcare providers/patients with greater access to services without having to leave your own community.

¹ Your internet experience may be affected by the robustness of your own personal router (if not using the Quadro’s Wi-Fi Router) and devices. These may have a negative impact on your speed and network performance.

Fibre FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Stage 1 Construction

The first stage is to bury Fibre optic cables and conduit underground along the street. There are different ways in which we put the cables in the ground. One way is with directional boring machine (image to the left). When you notice locate flags (gas, water, electrical, etc.) in your neighbourhood, this indicates that we are ready to bury cable in your area. Once all permissions with the Municipality and locates are done, the first stage of construction begins.

Stage 2 Construction

Stage 2: Construction

As the conduit is being pulled down the street, the next stage includes digging and preparing ‘vaults’. The vaults are where the Fibre optic cable will be brought into along the road and then the Fibre to your home with come from the vault at the road.

During this phase, a representative from the construction team will meet with you to complete a property survey and to discuss the path the Fibre will take underground to the side of your residence or building (typically where all your other services come in). The purpose of the survey is to identify potential hazards such as dog fences and sprinkler systems.

Once the cable is in the ground, you’ll see a Quadro technician working on the Fibre cables in the vault. This process is called splicing and connects the service wire running to your premise to the main Fibre cable, buried along the street.

When the Fibre ‘service’ wire is brought to your premise, our installers need to mount a small splice enclosure box (pictured right) on the outside of the building. This box will allow Quadro to gain access to locate the Fibre and assist with maintenance efforts, if required.

Stage 3 - Connecting to Quadro

It’s now time to connect to Quadro

The conversion of service from your existing providers network to the Quadro network is completely free of charge.

The upgrade to the Fibre technology is intended to have minimal disruption to your premise. The O.N.T. (Optical Network Terminal) will be mounted inside your residence or business close to where Fibre has been buried to the building. A small hole will be made through the wall to connect the Fibre cable from outside, to the O.N.T. installed inside. In this location, it is protected from inclement weather. The O.N.T. will be connected to your existing inside wiring when possible. This will allow your existing landline services to continue to function once transferred to the Fibre network.

Please note, the O.N.T. requires a 110v electrical outlet for the power supply. It has battery backup power for up to 6 hours of direct wired telephone use, during a power outage (current industry standard).

It is anticipated that you will want to subscribe to our high-speed internet service, in which case, our technicians will run a CAT5E cable from the O.N.T. to the router or computer while we are onsite. At no additional cost to you!

Stage 4 - Construction Completion

As noted previously, Quadro’s intention is to have minimal disruption to the customer during these processes. We will make every effort to minimize any disturbance to your property and all necessary restoration will be completed promptly, weather permitting.

Will Fibre make my home or business more valuable?

ABSOLUTELY! A home OR business is generally more valuable if it has access to Fibre optic services.¹ Fibre increases property values an average of $6,000.00 (U.S. Dollars).

¹ Source: Fibre to the Home Council of Americas, via Cronin Communications, June 2016 and “Broadband, Property Values And Economic Growth” (p.19) in ‘What Fiber Broadband Can Do For Your Community’, 13th Edition, Fall 2017, Steven S. Ross and Masha Zager)

How Much Does it Cost to Connect to Quadro's Fibre Network?

There is no cost to connect your home or business to the Fibre optic network.

I want to connect to Quadro, who do I contact?

Please contact our office at 519-229-8933 to confirm your service location and that you want to connect to the Fibre network. Note that Quadro completes a credit check on all new accounts.

Do all Quadro customers have Fibre?

No, currently not all of Quadro’s service area is Fibre.  In some areas, we have our coax network and for more rural areas, there is our fixed wireless LTE (Long-Term Evolution wireless broadband) network.

How does Fibre optic digital TV differ from Satellite services?

Using the Fibre network, our digital TV service will transform the way you experience television. Unlike satellite TV, Quadro TV does not require a dish installed on the outside of your home or business. As the Fibre optic cable is run underground, there is minimal disruptions due to inclement weather and no need for a clear line of sight to ensure a signal.