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About Quadro/ Our Network

Our Network

Let’s take a quick second to examine both Quadro’s Internet and Mobility networks.

Our Internet Network (s)

In Quadro’s own exchange areas (ILEC – Independent Local Exchange Carrier), the internet network is 100% Fibre-to-the-Home.  Quadro is the only wired carrier in the Granton, Kirkton, Sebringville and Uniondale phone exchanges. In the exchanges that Quadro competes with, the incumbent telephone exchange carrier (CLEC – Competitive Local Exchange Carrier), Quadro deploys our Fibre network, a digital cable network and a fixed LTE wireless network to provide high speed internet connections.

Fibre Network

You can learn more about our Fibre network by visiting the Fibre Internet page. Quadro’s Fibre network is capable of speeds up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) of download and upload speed. Quadro initially started to install our Fibre network in 2006, with the Fibre-to-the-Home project in Quadro’s ILEC exchanges. Since 2016, there have been new and ongoing Fibre build projects in neighbouring CLEC areas. In addition, Quadro has expanded our Fibre network into the new developments in communities that we serve such as Lucan and Mitchell. In addition, Quadro has expanded our network into smaller neighbouring communities that were vastly under served.

Coax Network

In 2009, Quadro partnered with other fellow independent telcos and purchased Mitchell Seaforth Cable (MSC) along with its coax network.  Over the past ten (10) years, Quadro, our partners in MSC and the talented MSC technical staff, have continued to enhance and improve the digital cable network to keep up with the ever evolving demands of our advancing technology needs. Quadro’s digital cable network has the ability to support download speeds of up 100 Mbps.


For the more rural local communities surrounding the Quadro service area, Quadro has a fixed LTE network that relies on wireless signals to provide high speed internet.  The fixed LTE network has the ability to deliver download speeds up to 15 Mbps.

Thank you for considering Quadro as your telecommunication provider.  While you’re here, please visit the membership area to learn about the benefits of membership.

Quadro's Mobile Network

Quadro uses Bell Mobility’s cellular network to provide the best mobile experience to our cellular customers. Advantages of the network include:

  • Canada’s biggest network
  • Top ranked for speed
  • Top ranked for reliability
  • Quadro Coverage Map – Click the link to see across Canada on the Bell Network.