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Internet/ Quadro Managed Wi-Fi Experience

The Quadro Gigacentre Router and Mesh804 Wi-Fi Extender

Image of the Calix Gig Family, the Calix Gigacentre Router and the 804Mesh Wi-Fi Extender

Get the Home Wi-Fi Experience You Deserve.

Fast, reliable home Wi-Fi is what we all want. With each home or business having more connected devices than ever, all requiring more ‘bandwidth‘, nothing less than the best Wi-Fi will do. Quadro’s managed Wi-Fi experience provides a strong signal in every room and fast speeds so that you can stream HD videos, play online games and share content without missing a beat.

The Quadro Wi-Fi Router – Calix GigaCenter

The GigaCenter is more than a home/business gateway, it is a next generation service delivery platform. Leveraging the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology, the GigaCenter takes your online experience to new heights.

  • All of your devices can connect and manage internet requests at exactly the same time.
  • Blazing fast speeds for web browsing, streaming digital TV, online gaming, and smart devices.
  • Outstanding range and performance throughout your home and business.

With Wi-Fi speeds up to 1 GB¹ (1,000 Mbps), Quadro’s WiFi router of choice, the GigaCenter, provides more than enough bandwidth² for everyone in your space. No matter how many devices are connected at the same time, everyone enjoys the same outstanding Wi-Fi experience².

Have a bigger home/business and require more coverage, ask our Customer Service Representatives about Quadro’s Mesh Wi-Fi solution that integrates with the GigaCenter.

¹Please note, the Gig service is not available in all areas that have Quadro services. Please confirm with a Customer Service Representative which speeds are available at your location.

²Your internet speed experience will depend on a few additional factors such as, the internet speed package you purchase, where your Wi-Fi Router is placed within your home and the internal Wi-Fi capabilities of the device you are using. Consult with our Customer Service and Support teams for more information about what may be right for you.

Wi-Fi Dead Zones

Eliminate them with Quadro's Mesh804 Wi-Fi Extender

Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones in your Home or Business with the Calix 804Mesh Wi-Fi extender

The addition of Quadro’s 804Mesh Wi-Fi extender gives you a sensational Wi-Fi experience for pennies a day. Eliminate Wi-Fi issues in hard-to-reach areas of your home or business. Paired with Quadro’s GigaCenter router,  the 804Mesh Wi-Fi extender is the answer to extending the great service  you receive to all areas of your home — and beyond.

Call us today at 519.229.8933 to speak with a qualified Quadro representative to learn more about the Mesh system and what it can do to enhance your high speed internet experience.

To learn more about Quadro’s Wi-Fi router solution, call 519.229.8933 and speak with a qualified Customer Service Representative or drop into one of our 3 conveniently located showrooms.