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Internet/ Equipment

Quadro’s Internet Equipment

A Cable Modem or Optical Network Terminal are provided by Quadro as part of your service.

When you order your high-speed internet services from Quadro, your set up includes a modem. There are no modem fees on any of our internet services. Depending on the area you live and the service that Quadro can provide you at your location, you will be provided and have installed an Arris Cable Modem (Quadro’s Cable Network) or the Optical Terminal Network (Quadro’s Fibre Network) device.  Both are typically located where the cable comes into your home or business near other utility services.

Arris Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem

Tested by Quadro’s support team, the Arris cable modem delivers high speed data access to internet subscriber’s homes and businesses. Designed to support the services desired by advanced users, the Arris modem enables the home or business to address their internet needs with exceptional speed and performance. The data services can provide download speeds over 100 Mbps with ease and reliability.  There are internet only, two-port and four-port modems available to meet any customer’s needs.

Connect Your Cable Modem (Internet)

Optical Network Terminal Modem

Quadro Fibre Network Modem

The Optical Network Terminal Modem (O.N.T)

The Optical Network Terminal is installed inside the residence or business where Fibre Technology is available. This unit is connected to your existing telephone protector and enables internet, phone and Digital TV service (where available), all from one device. This O.N.T does not have a monthly modem rental to obtain your high-speed internet service. To add a wireless internet connection in your home, rent a wireless Quadro Wi-Fi Router.  Ask for details by calling or visiting one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Add Our Managed Wi-Fi Experience

Add Wi-Fi to your home or business with Quadro’s professional grade Wi-Fi router.  To learn more about the router , visit the Quadro Wi-Fi page.

Connecting Your Router

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