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The Ultimate Gaming Experience: Unlock the Power of 1 Gig Fibre Internet for Gamers

December 11, 2023

In the world of gaming, having a reliable high-speed internet connection is crucial. That is why a fibre internet connection is a gamer’s greatest asset. Gamers understand the frustration of lagging gameplay, slow downloads, and disrupted online experiences. That’s where Quadro’s high-speed fibre internet comes into play.

With the increasing popularity of online gaming and the demand for seamless play, gamers are now realizing the importance of upgrading to 1 Gig high-speed internet. It will eliminate lag and allow gamers to react quickly in fast-paced games without any delay.

Here are some advantages of gigabit internet for gamers.

  • Lightning-Fast Speed: Download large game files in seconds with ultra-fast speeds, and there is nothing faster than Quadro’s fibre optic internet. Our fibre-to-the-home is made up of tiny glass optical fibres bound together and encased. Pulses of light are sent through to transmit information over longer distances and at a higher data rate than other forms of telecommunications.
  • Lag Time: In an online match, lagging makes it impossible to compete. Slow response time is caused by latency issues, which can make even the fastest internet connection seem slow. Few things disrupt a game more than the lag time during pivotal game moments.
  • Consistent Stability: Fibre optic cables are highly resistant to external factors that can hinder the stability and reliability of your connection. This technology is immune to electromagnetic interference and extreme weather conditions, making it the best choice for residential users.
  • Direct  Connection: A direct connection is ideal for gaming online, and having a direct connection to Quadro’s 1 Gig internet means you’re not sharing your speeds with your neighbours or experiencing slowdown at peak times.
  • Gaming on Multiple Devices: Connect multiple devices simultaneously without compromising performance.
  •  Future-Proof: Investing in fibre optic technology is an investment in the future. As internet usage continues to grow exponentially, fibre is considered the backbone of future networks. By upgrading to 1 Gig fibre internet you are future-proofing your home.

Future of Gaming: The impact of fibre optic speed on gaming can elevate your gaming experience. It can positively impact your gaming life with seamless streaming, reliability, and rapid game downloads giving you a competitive advantage.

Don’t let lag be your worst enemy. Embrace the power of  Quadro’s 1 Gig internet that allows gamers to unlock their true potential and eliminate frustrations. Say goodbye to buffering and welcome the future, where fibre optic speeds reign supreme.

Switch to Quadro’s fast and reliable fibre optic internet for gaming today by calling 1-800-265-4983 to speak to a local customer service representative about our fibre optic network, internet packages, and Quadro’s Managed Wi-Fi Experience. Or visit our website

Please note our Gig speed is only available on our fibre optic network.