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A Quick Guide to Quadro’s Fibre Optic Network

June 26, 2023
Quadro Blog a quick guide to fibre optic network see your speed

See Your Speed

Quadro brings you telecommunications at the speed of light.

In our last blog, ‘Why Am I Not Getting the Internet Speed I’m Paying For?’ we looked at the three top problems and solutions for slow internet speeds and testing.

In this blog, See Your Speed, we look at how fibre optics works, what it is, the advantages, and Quadro’s installation process and equipment.

But first, a little did you know – our high-speed fibre optic network serves local areas, and is solely owned, operated, and maintained by Quadro. This means that we own 100% of our infrastructure. And we don’t allow other telecommunication companies to use our network.

What is Fibre Optics and How Does It Work?

Quadro’s Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) delivers a communication signal using fibre optics as a way of sending information. They are made up of tiny glass optical fibres bound together and encased. Pulses of light are then sent through to transmit information over longer distances and at a higher data rate than other forms of telecommunications.

With fibre optic technology you can access the fastest speeds for uploading and downloading. It allows you to stream no matter how many devices you have connected. It can handle large amounts of data so you can add more devices in your home, making it the ideal technology for the future.

To understand how it works, imagine shining a flashlight through a flexible plastic hose several kilometers long. Even though the hose may curve or twist, the light at the other end is still seen. If the flashlight were turned on and off in Morse code fashion, you could communicate through that hose with someone at the other end. This is how fibre optics works, except the light is being turned on and off a billion times per second.

Advantages of Fibre Optics

Quadro’s FTTH allows for more bandwidth, the way we measure speed, and it provides improved video streaming and makes browsing a much more pleasant experience.

Our network doesn’t slow down even during peak usage times. But, as you’ve read in our previous blog, routers and other devices you connect to your network may affect the speed and performance of your home internet.

Quadro services provided over our fibre optic network are the most secure and reliable communications technology available today. It’s less susceptible to interference and can withstand shock and vibration, such as a potential disruption from inclement weather. In the event of a service disruption, our technicians can detect and resolve problems faster on the fibre optic network.

Quadro’s Equipment and Process

see your speed infographic

There are several steps involved to deliver fibre to your location.

First is the construction phase. We bury the fibre optic cables and conduit underground along the street.

Next, we bring it directly to the outside of your home. When you subscribe to Quadro’s internet service our technician will then bring the fibre from outside into your home.

Once inside, the technician will mount the Optical Network Terminal (O.N.T.) to a piece of plywood near an electrical outlet, usually in a basement or utility room. Then we connect the O.N.T. to the router. We highly recommend using Quadro’s Managed Wi-Fi Experience which includes a professional grade router. This helps enable us to better troubleshoot any issues you may have in the future.

At this stage, our technician completes the installation by performing several speed tests. One directly from the O.N.T., and one with Wi-Fi to verify speeds.

There are several factors that can affect your internet speeds. To learn about these factors, read our last blog on the three top internet speed problems and solutions.

At Quadro we offer friendly local support, no costly modem rentals, no contracts, free installation, and your choice of internet speed packages up to 1 Gigabyte.

Call us today at 1-800-265-4983 to speak with a customer service representative about upgrading your internet package or our Managed Wi-Fi Experience. You can view Quadro’s internet offerings by visiting our website.