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Tech Tips: Dealing with Weak Wi-Fi

May 27, 2022

Dealing With Weak Wi-Fi

We know that everyday you’re used to connecting several devices at the same time to the internet using Wi-Fi.

We’re so accustomed to have immediate access to check emails, listen to music, stream a movie, search and connect with friends all at the same time that when we lose the connection or it slows down it can become frustrating and a troubleshooting dilemma.

We’ll look at the top reasons why we can experience Wi-Fi issues and how to solve these common problems easily. 

                    Weak Wi-Fi signal in some areas of your home.

Solution: Walls or other obstacles can interfere with the signal that connects your devices to your router so try moving your computer, your router, or both, to different spots in the house to find the optimal location. If you have an older router, be aware that it might not move data as quickly as newer devices so consider upgrading it. In some cases, simply restarting your router will help boost your Internet speed, at least temporarily. You can view our Broadband Explained video here.

                   Distance From the Router

Solution: Your Wi-Fi signal originates from your Router. The further your device is from the router, the signal and speed will be weaker. The best location is somewhere in your home where internet use is generally highest like the living room, home office or bedrooms. A Wi-Fi extender may be needed if you have a large home to push the signal for further coverage. With Quadro’s managed Wi-Fi experience you can eliminate dead zones using Quadro’s Router and Mesh Wi-Fi Extender. To get the home Wi-Fi experience you deserve visit our website here.

                   Hiding Your Router

Solution: Routers are not the most attractive thing to have in your home and may not fit into your décor but hiding it behind your TV Stand or furniture can cause physical interference. Some materials in walls, like brick, stone, concrete, or metal may limit the range. Even appliances or glass from windows, mirrors or aquariums can reflect signals making them weaker. 

                  Router Placement: High vs Low

Solution: The placement of your router can affect its performance. So, if you leave your router on the ground or the bottom of a shelf it can weaken the Wi-Fi strength. Find a good location to extend the range of the signal. 

                  Using Too Many Connected Devices

Solution: How many people are in your household and how many Wi-Fi devices do they use? Like laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, video game system, etc.  But you also might have smart home products such as a smart thermostat, smart doorbells, a smart security camera or even smart led lights. Total it up and that’s a lot of devices and maybe more than you realized. Your internet service may need to be upgraded to meet your needs. Quadro Communications has internet plans up to 1Gig and it may be time to upgrade for those super-fast download speeds you want. 

                 Device Age & Quality

Solution:  Newer mobile devices and laptops have faster speed capabilities. If you’re using a device that is older than 4-5 years, it may not be able to keep up to the speed of your router. It could be time to upgrade your mobile devices.

Quadro Communication’s support teams are here to help. Don’t let your weak Wi-Fi signals cause you annoying troubleshooting dilemmas.

Our Technical Support and our Quad Squad Teams have a solution that will resolve your Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Please call us to speak directly with one of our tech experts. 519-229-8933.