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4 Reasons Your Internet Connection is slow

March 25, 2020

4 reasons your Internet connection is slow and how you can make it faster

Created by Post Media Content Works for Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc.
This content was originally published on: March 23, 2020 in the Stratford Beacon Herald

As we spend more of our lives online, having a fast Internet connection has become more important than ever.  But there are times that it seemingly slows to a crawl.

There are several factors that can slow you down online. Some of which are beyond your control, but others that aren’t. Quadro Communications, with offices in Kirkton, Lucan, St. Marys and Mitchell, says slow Internet can be caused by a number of different reasons. Here are some of the most common problems and how to solve them:

Problem 1: Your Wi-Fi connection is too slow

Wired connections will always be faster than wireless ones, but not every home is outfitted with Internet jacks. If you connect to your router via a wireless connection, there are a number of factors that can slow down your Internet speeds, some of which you can control.

Solution: Walls or other obstacles can interfere with the signal that connects your devices to your router so try moving your computer, your router, or both, to different spots in the house to find the optimal location. If you have an older router, be aware that it might not move data as quickly as newer devices so consider upgrading it. In some cases, simply restarting your router will help boost your Internet speed, at least temporarily. (Quadro note: you can view our Broadband Explained video here).

Problem 2: My kids/spouse/friends are slowing down my Internet connection

An Internet connection is a shared resource (within your home/business) so the more people that use it at the same time, the slower it will be for each person. If you think of your Internet connection as a pipe, there’s only so much water, or in this case data, that can flow through it.


Avoid doing too many things at once. For example, streaming music from a web server while playing video games online and video chatting with your friends at the same time is going to adversely affect your Internet speed. Consider going online at different times of day than the other people in your household or schedule some tasks, like downloading large files, to later at night. You may also need to upgrade your Internet service to accommodate your growing data usage.

Problem 3: My computer is too slow

Older computers are perfectly capable of connecting to the Internet, but the amount of memory, the size of the hard drive and the power of the central processor all affect how fast you can perform certain actions online.


Consider upgrading or replacing your computer to something newer, especially if you are performing computer-intensive tasks online, like video gaming, that need the extra power. You should also check your computer for malware or spyware that can be secretly connecting to the Internet and affecting your machine’s performance. If you use a Windows computer, make sure that you schedule it to update itself late at night when you’re not using it.

Problem 4: You’re not getting the connection speeds your provider promised

Internet speeds are defined in terms of megabits per second (Mbps) for downloading and uploading data. Your download speed is the speed at which data, including files, websites, photos, music, and streaming services, like Netflix, are being delivered to you from the Internet. The upload speed is the speed at which data travels from you to the Internet such as when you add pictures to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. You can see what speeds your current Internet connection provides by visiting


To put it simply, the biggest factor controlling your Internet speed is the Internet service you subscribe to. Different providers offer different packages with different connection speeds and different data limits (Editor’s note – Quadro Communication provides unlimited data usage). Unfortunately, some providers don’t always deliver the speeds they promise. If you’re not happy with your current Internet connection, consider calling Quadro at 519-229-8933 where a customer service representative can help you choose the Internet speed package that best suits your needs.


This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc. Author: Mark Stachiew 

From Quadro:  If you feel you need additional technical support; Quadro has the Quad Squad division for home and business network support and computer repair and I.T. solutions. Click the link to learn more about Quad Squad and call to have your questions answered (note that during the Covid-19 situation, Quad Squad services may not be available).