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Support/ Password Generator

Maureen P.
Network Support Technician

Why It’s Important to Have a Secure Password

The majority of research in the marketplace indicates that the best way to protect yourself on-line is to use a Password Generator/Password Manager app.  As with any technology, password managers are not 100% fool-proof, but they are better than keeping your passwords in a paper log, on sticky notes or other non-secure devices. A great analogy used by Geoffrey A. Fowler, the tech columnist at the Washington Post, ‘ You wouldn’t stop using a seat belt because it couldn’t protect you from every kind of vehicle accident. The same applies to password managers’ (read full article here: Washington Post – we recommend you watch the video in the article as well).

Password Generators

The advantage of using a password generator, is that for each online site you visit, you can create a random and unique password and the app stores it for you to be used the next time you log in from that device. Another advantage, you’ll only need to remember one single password to manage all of your other passwords.  If you click the hyper-link for password generator above, it will take you to a review completed by Consumer Advocacy for the top ten password manager apps.

The only other consideration is that some of these apps, you have to purchase. The good news, most are less than a high-end coffee per month.  Listed below is DigitalTrends top five Password Managers (listed alphabetically – Listing these options, does not constitute an endorsement from Quadro, they are merely provided for convenience and your research use):

Consider using one of these or another to manage your passwords. Keep your one password secure at all times and share it with one trusted person only.

Benefits of a Strong Password

Using a strong password is important in today’s online world. There are so many online services that we rely on and we want to assure you that it is important to consider using a strong password for your Quadro account. Here are a few tips to creating a good strong password:

  • Always avoid using dictionary words.
  • Stay away from names, dates and places familiar to you.
  • Do use a mixture of lower case and upper case letters, numbers and symbols (Ex. A, z, 1 @) and a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Do use Quadro’s online password meter to check your password strength.
  • Aim for a password strength of at least 60 and remember the higher the score the better.
  • Do use phrases you can easily remember to help generate a password.

Password: iL2gFiTsDa5!
Phrase: I like to go fishing in the summer daily after 5.