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Why Choose Quadro for Internet, TV and Home Phone?

October 7, 2022

The short answer is because ‘We’re Local, Just Like You!’

There are many internet providers to choose from. From the biggest names to independent providers but no one keeps you better connected in every way than Quadro.

As a local independent telecommunications provider, we bring you almost 100 years of experience keeping you connected. Quadro continues to bring our high-speed internet to more small towns and rural communities.

The company may be small with 40 employees who live and work among our customers so when you call our tech support or speak to a customer service representative, you’re getting someone from down the street, a neighbour, not someone oceans away. Chances are our kids go to school together or play on the same hockey team.

Quadro provides the most innovative products and services to meet your family’s needs, with the added benefit that we are located in your neighbourhood. As your neighbour, we still have that ‘small community’ service feel while delivering the same or superior services that are offered in large cities.

Wondering how Quadro delivers high-speed internet to your community? We offer you faster, more reliable high-speed internet on our own local Fibre network to deliver speeds up to 1 Gig*. Services provided over the Fibre optic network are the most secure and reliable technology available today.

There is no cost to connect your home to our Fibre optic network. You pay for the package and services you take. And you don’t have to sign a contract.

Our TV offering differs from traditional cable or satellite services. It’s a new way to watch TV. Qtv from Quadro is an exciting video entertainment platform that makes watching TV more fun, flexible and easy for you and your entire family. Your family can watch different programs, from different devices, in different parts of your home, all at the same time using your home Wi-Fi!

Our Qtv packages are available with Quadro internet or bring your own device like the Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV.

We encourage you to learn more about Quadro, our products and services and understand the power of fibre optics.

Complete your Quadro connection by calling 519-229-8933 to speak with one of our representatives and start connecting today.

*Where technology exists.