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Why Choose a Bring Your Own Device Mobility Plan?

July 25, 2023
Quadro Mobility plans bring your own device blog

Mobile devices and data plan usage have increased in recent years. In 2022, there were 35.9 million mobile internet users in Canada, and by 2027 it’s projected to surpass 39 million users.

Today, mobile devices are essential and have become a necessity. It can be expensive and complicated with various plan options available. But it doesn’t have to be with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan.

Quadro offers affordable BYOD plans worth considering if you are looking for value and using a local business.

Keeping in touch with family, access to email, and having the internet at your fingertips are a few reasons for the increase in mobile device usage.

What is a BYOD plan?

A Bring Your Own Device is exactly what it sounds like. You already have a phone, so you don’t need one from a service provider. You need a mobile device plan and Quadro will supply a SIM card. You simply pop the new SIM card into your device and your service will be up and running. It’s that simple. And you’ll be able to continue to use your phone that you know and love.

Benefits of BYOD Plans

  • Keep your phone and existing number when switching providers.
  • You have flexibility.
  • Cancel your plan whenever you like without penalty.
  • No contracts with month-to-month payments.

Our plans offer unlimited Canada calling minutes and text with Gigabyte data options that you can share with your family.

Your Phone. Our Plan.

Quadro offers data packages up to 50 GB which is considered to be a large amount of data for the average person. But mobile wireless users in Canada are consuming more mobile data than ever. The average data usage per person was 6.07 GB per month in 2022.

Look in your phone settings for the amount of data you consume monthly and choose the best data plan for your budget and usage. Our share plans allow family members to share data across multiple devices.

You get greater flexibility with our BYOD plans. You’re not locked into any long-term contracts and you can stop your service without penalty.

Quadro’s BYOD options enable you to choose your own wireless experience.

So, if you are not in a contract or nearing the end of one, then start looking at our BYOD plans.

Get the Mobility experience you deserve, on your terms.

  • Bring your own phone
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Select your affordable plan
  • Bundle with Quadro’s mobility options

Check out Quadro’s BYOD mobility plans and bundled discounts and get the best unlimited data and text plans available.

Talk to one of our friendly and local customer service representatives to get all your questions answered by calling 1-800-265-4983. You can view Quadro’s BYOD plans by visiting our website.