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Watch Qtv from Quadro on Amazon Fire Stick TV or Apple TV

March 30, 2023
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Did you know that you can bring your own device (BYOD) to watch Qtv from Quadro?

Qtv is available on select Amazon Fire TV sticks, Apple TV, Android TV, and Google TV with Chromecast. Click here for a full list of compatible devices.

In Canada, over 60% of people have at least one streaming service, and adding our app gives you the freedom to access TV content wherever you want or on the device of your choice when using your home Wi-Fi.

These popular devices are easy to use and they don’t need any additional hardware besides Quadro’s internet connection and an HDMI-compatible TV. You’ll have access to thousands of apps offering movies, games, and other entertainment including the Qtv from Quadro app.

Qtv gives you the flexibility to enjoy watching exciting content on any of your mobile devices, computers, or TV screens.

Benefits of Qtv

Qtv is a streaming-type service using Quadro’s internet network. You can watch Qtv using a set-top box or using an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, and Google TV with Chromecast. Download the Qtv from Quadro app and you’re able to watch from any compatible device within your home Wi-Fi network.

There are three Qtv packages to choose from, including 4 concurrent streams, 5 hours of cloud DVR, over 100 channels, video on demand, and Stringray music.

  1. Qtv Complete 100 includes Internet 100 Mbps
  2. Qtv Complete 250 includes Internet 250 Mbps
  3. Qtv Complete GIG includes 1 Gbps*
    GIG speeds available where technology permits

All our Qtv packages include the following features:

  • Watch on All Your Devices
  • Pause and Rewind Live TV
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • 30+ Hours Lookback
  • Record and Watch Later

When you’re on the go you can use the Qtv app on your mobile device to schedule recordings so you don’t miss your favourite show. And when you’re at home your family can watch up to five different programs from different devices in different parts of your home all at the same time.

How Do I Download the Qtv App

You can watch our quick explainer videos of how to download and install the apps to these devices or if you prefer you can read the written instructions on our website by clicking here.

No Need to Rent a Set Top Box

If you’re using your Amazon Fire Stick TV, Apple TV, Android TV, or Google TV you no longer need to rent a set-top box.

We strive to keep it simple and we are here to help with all your questions.

Learn more about Qtv from Quadro or our other reliable and dependable services brought to you by your neighbours at or give us a call at 1-800-265-4983.