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Signs You Need a New Phone

June 22, 2022

Is your aging mobile phone trying to tell you something?

We get attached to our mobile phones and sometimes it’s hard to let go of a device that you’ve had for quite a while. We take it everywhere with us. It’s our lifeline to the world, our friends, family, photos and holds all our important information. Most people want to hang onto their phones for as long as possible.

But keeping our phones longer than we intended can come with some consequences like poor sound quality, security issues, a draining battery and more.

As our phones age and technology evolves, we may need to upgrade so we are satisfied with the ease and use of our smartphone.

Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to part ways with your wireless sidekick.

Your Phone Overheats

This can be a real hazard. If your phone gets so hot that it’s uncomfortable to touch it could possibly be a faulty cable or charger, internal damage, excessive use or using too many apps or you have an older phone.

Your Battery Drains Quickly

If your battery continually drains at a rapid rate some possible reasons could be high screen brightness, poor signal, using apps, outdated software or issues with the hardware.

Your Phone Is Damaged

This one should be obvious. A broken screen makes it hard to see, makes navigation impossible and can allow for further damage.

You Can’t Update to The Next OS

When your phone ages you may not be able to update to the latest operating system. Your device might be using an outdated processor.

Your Phone Lacks Storage Space

Do you receive storage alerts? Your phone is probably so full of photos, files, apps etc. that is has run out of storage space.

Your Apps Crash

Having the right app for all our accounts, games, and so many tasks is convenient but when they crash frequently it can be very annoying.

Your Phone Reboots Randomly

Phones that shut down and restart are troublesome and can indicate a bigger problem.

Your Phone Camera Is Terrible

Let’s face it having a good camera is an important part of any smartphone. From documenting our life experiences, capturing vacation or family celebrations and sharing them for engagement is vital today. Having a phone that takes nice photos saves us the expense of buying another digital device.

Your Friends Laugh at Your Phone

And the last telltale sign you need a new smartphone is if your friends laugh at your phone when you use it because it’s so old or broken.

Whatever the reasons may be that you want or need to upgrade to a new model, Quadro offers a variety of smartphones and plans. Our Customer Service Representatives will make it easy to select a new smartphone that’s right for you.

When you switch to Quadro you can bring your existing phone number and we can easily port it to your new device.

Please call us to speak directly with one of our representatives today. 519-229-8933.