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Recycle Your Smartphone With Quadro

July 13, 2022

These days it seems that smartphones are an extension of our own bodies that gets updated every few years. And if you don’t upgrade often, you likely have one or two collecting dust somewhere.

Statistics show that in 2021 there was an estimated 31.88 million smartphone users in Canada and according to the recycling council of B.C., almost 40,000 cellphones are thrown out each day instead of being recycled or repurposed.

Keeping your cellphone out of the landfill helps your local ecosystem and the environment.

What Did You Do With Your Last Phone?

Tossing your phone in a drawer is a popular option and occasionally, we might just throw them in the garbage but that is never a good idea. Once they are in our landfill sites, they can expose the environment to toxic chemicals that can leach into the soil or be emitted into the air.

At Quadro there is a way to support the planet and go green with our new recycle program. We can collectively reduce and eliminate plastic waste from cases, packaging and e-waste ending up in our landfill sites.

So, if you’re looking for an Earth-friendly way to dispose of your phone and accessories our recycling program is the best option.

Do This Before Getting Rid of Your Phone

Before you give away your phone and all your personal information, photos, messages etc., you’ll want to be sure you’ve scrubbed the data from your phone. These are a few steps you can take to begin that process.

If you want to be sure you’ve covered all your bases Quadro’s Quad Squad can help.

Where to Recycle Your Old Phone

We’ve partnered with Eco-Train and we’re now accepting all wireless accessories including smartphones, devices, USB cables, chargers, speakers, headsets, headphones, mounts and cases.

Drop off your recycling at one of our 3 convenient locations in St. Marys, Mitchell and Kirkton.

Please call us to speak directly with our Quad Squad team or one of our representatives at 519-229-8933.