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Quadro Communications Celebrates Completion of Local Fibre Projects: Icon Coursey Line and UBF Perth South West

June 6, 2024
June 6 2024 blog Quadro Communications Celebrates Completion of Local Fibre Projects: Icon Coursey Line and UBF Perth South West

[Kirkton, ON, June 3, 2024] – Quadro Communications, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions, is delighted to announce the successful completion of two transformative fibre projects in the region: Icon Coursey Line and UBF Perth South West. These projects mark a significant leap forward in Quadro’s ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions to the communities it serves.

UBF Perth South West Project:

The completion of the UBF Perth South West fibre project was made possible through the support and funding from the Universal Broadband Fund at both provincial and federal levels. This funding grant, awarded to Quadro in the Municipality of Perth South for our West Perth South project, underscores the vital importance of ensuring all communities have access to reliable high-speed internet in today’s digital era.

ICON Coursey Line Project:

Quadro is thrilled to extend fibre connectivity to the Township of Lucan Biddulph and remains committed to serving additional communities in Middlesex County. Our advanced fibre technology ensures that residents, businesses, and visitors in Lucan Biddulph receive the superior telecom experience they deserve. Quadro is honoured to collaborate with the province in expanding high-speed networks to benefit rural Canadians.

 “At Quadro, we recognize the essential need for reliable high-speed internet in today’s world. These completed projects not only meet the immediate needs of our customers but also future-proof their connectivity requirements for years to come,” said Darryl Evans, General Manager, Quadro Communications.

To learn more about Quadro Communications fibre projects, please visit or call 1-800-265-4983.

Quick Facts:

  • Quadro offers a comprehensive range of communication solutions including high-speed fibre internet, television, cellular, home phone, and business services.
  • Quadro has constructed and continues to expand its proprietary fibre-optic network, solely owned and operated by the company, ensuring reliable services reach numerous communities across the region, connecting urban and rural areas alike.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology, high-speed internet is delivered via our fibre-optic network and our coax network, ensuring fast and dependable connectivity for residents and business customers.
  • Committed to supporting the communities it serves through various initiatives, including scholarships, sponsorships, donations, and partnerships.

About Quadro Communications:

Celebrating its 100th year, Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc., established in 1995, traces its roots back to the Blanshard Municipal Telephone System. As a full-service telecommunications co-operative, Quadro offers internet, television, phone, and cellular services to both residential and business customers.

As a co-operative, the company is owned by its members, with all customers having the opportunity to become members for a one-time $1 membership fee. Members actively participate in the governance of the cooperative through the election of the Board of Directors. At Quadro, members have a voice, and our commitment to their well-being extends beyond the provision of products and services. It also encompasses the betterment of our local communities.


Media Contact:

 Darryl Evans

General Manager

Quadro Communications