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Qtv from Quadro

April 1, 2021

Qtv from Quadro: A smarter approach to streaming.

Ben Forrest – Postmedia Content Works, Originally published online with the Stratford Beacon Herald and in print with The Mitchell Advocate March 4, 2021

While most of us are required to stay home more than usual, our entertainment and home media have become our connections to the rest of the world.  We all need ways to decompress and escape after a long day.

An yet, one of the most frustrating elements of streaming and home media is that it’s so fragmented.  Most of us use multiple steaming services like Crave TV, Amazon Prime Video and You Tube in addition to conventional TV packages and sports streaming apps.

Navigating all those services, and bills that come with them, can be cumbersome and confusing.  But what if you could access all of this and more in one place, using any screen in your home?

Qtv from Quadro is the solution. “Not everyone is sitting on the couch at night, watching the traditional big TV,” said Shannon Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager at Quadro.  “We understand that most families now consume media differently, and wanted to give customers the flexibility to move around their house, with multiple devices.”

Qtv is simply a smarter, more convenient approach to TV.  Using a single app, customers can access all the channels in a conventional cable package – including Sportsnet, TSN, news channels and all the major networks – along with Crave TV + Movies + HBO and STARZ – at discounted rates, and all on one bill.  Quadro provides a low-cost set-top box that can host the major streaming apps, like Crave and Prime, but customers can also elect to bring their own devices to Qtv.

If you already own an Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick TV, Qtv is compatible – and it can also be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices, or on most major Internet browsers. Qtv customers can also use up to four concurrent streams, meaning Mom, Dad and the kids can simultaneously watch four different shows on different devices.

Qtv from Quadro can also be delivered on the exceptionally fast fibre infrastructure, delivering download speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second, ideal for gaming and streaming.

Quadro Communications customers are also supporting a local company that creates jobs and is invested in the community.  “Our employees live and work in our servicing area,” said Smith. “If a customer calls tech support, they’re getting someone down the street, they’re not getting someone an ocean away.”  As a Co-operative, Quadro also shares any profits with all of its members, usually with a credit that appears on their February bill, known as patronage.

Quadro’s motto says it all: “We’re local, just like you.”

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This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Quadro Communications.