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QR Fibre Media Release – October 2019

November 7, 2019

Quadro Communications and Rhyzome –

announce QR fibre, a strategic partnership for shared ownership of fibre facilities

in St. Marys, Ontario

(For Immediate Release – November, 2019)

In January 2019, Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc. (Quadro) announced a three-year project to bring the latest in Fibre Technology to the Town of St. Marys in Ontario. The construction portion of the project means burying fibre services to every business and residence in the community.

Through this partnership QR Fibre will build the infrastructure to be used by Quadro to provide the residents and businesses of St. Marys more secure and faster internet, phone and digital-TV services.

In future, by sharing the construction process, Quadro and Rhyzome will be able to reduce their overall expenses in burying underground services to their St. Marys customers.  Burying the fibre makes lines resistant to damage from the elements, such as wind and ice.

Quadro’s General Manager John DeHeer, noted; “I am very excited looking at the possibilities that will present themselves through this infrastructure joint partnership.  The first of its kind in Canada, that I know of”.  Rhyzome’s Chief Executive Officer, Ysni Semsedini added; “We are very excited to be working with Quadro Communications to bring a robust fibre option to the residents and businesses of St. Marys. Together we recognized that there was an urgent need to bring fibre optic connectivity to every household and business in the Town of St. Marys.”.

Financial considerations of this arrangement are not available.


About Quadro:

Quadro’s expansion of its Fibre Optic network into neighbouring communities, like St. Marys have been fully funded utilizing its own financial resources. This ensures the communities we serve have the strong network needed to provide faster internet speeds and larger data capacity is available to support trending and future technologies.

Since 1924 Quadro has responded to the needs of the rural communities it serves.  Quadro was established in November 1994, after converting from the Blanshard Municipal Telephone System. In recent years, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) has approved Quadro’s expansion into neighbouring communities like St. Marys, Mitchell, Lucan, Birr, Clandeboye, Dublin, Harrington and St. Columban. As a Co-operative, the company is owned by its members. All customers have the opportunity to become members for a one-time $1 membership fee. One member – one vote ensures that the co-op acts for the common good and not just for a few individuals.  Members control the co-op through a member elected Board of Directors. Members as such have a voice and share in the profits.  The commitment to the well-being of our members extends far beyond the provisioning of products and services as it contributes to the benefit of our local communities as well, through Quadro’s philanthropic commitments.

About Rhyzome:

Festival Hydro Services Inc. (FHSI) was formed in 2001 to manage the more 50km of dark fibre assets in Festival Hydro Inc service territory and is wholly owned by the Municipality of the City of Stratford. From 2001 – 2010 the company operated as a dark fibre provider for mostly MUSH sector clients.

In 2010, FHSI rebranded as Rhyzome Networks and constructed a city-wide Wi-Fi system in Stratford with more than 300 wireless mesh access points. This network was originally constructed to support smart metering backhaul, but an opportunity to fill a gap in the areas underserviced telecom market was realized. Rhyzome Networks began capitalizing off the technology through the sale of wireless internet services and fiber optic connections in Stratford and St. Marys which attracted and supported the development of industry.

FHSI has been instrumental in the discussions and projects that have attracted the attention of the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), naming Stratford as the testing site of autonomous and connected vehicles in the Province on Ontario. This project will see Rhyzome install DSRC and 5G communication systems in the City of Stratford.

 For more information contact:

John DeHeer, General Manager, Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc.

519-229-8428 | |

Ysni Semsedini, Chief Executive Officer, Rhyzome Networks

519-271-4700 |  |