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New TV Streaming App is Here

September 12, 2022

Over the decades, cable TV was the way to watch your favourite shows exactly when they were scheduled to begin. Or with remote in hand, you hopped from one channel to another hoping to find the latest episodes.

While cable and satellite were the most popular ways to watch television, Quadro introduced Q tv in late 2020 allowing customers to watch television using the power of Quadro’s internet connection.

Q tv from Quadro works on Quadro’s set top box or your favourite devices like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. The future of television is happening now and the trend is moving away from traditional cable to an app-based TV subscription which is massive today.

Using the Q tv app you can watch all your favourite content with your home Wi-Fi connection on a mobile phone, laptop or device. What sets Q tv from Quadro apart from conventional TV? Your family can watch different programs, from different devices, in different parts of your home, all at the same time!

In Canada, over 60% of people have at least one streaming service and adding our app gives you the freedom to access TV content wherever you want or on the device of your choice when using your home Wi-Fi.

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Benefits of Q tv

You will have the flexibility to access and watch TV on more devices, record and watch later, rewind and pause, and lookback.

Watch on All Your Devices

Download the Q tv from Quadro app on your Android or Apple devices including smart TV, phones, tablets, and laptops.  Watch from your backyard, bedroom, garage or wherever you’re connected to the home Wi-Fi.

Pause and Rewind Live TV

You no longer have to wait for a commercial break to grab a snack or take a bathroom break. Pause and/or rewind live TV for up to 1 hour.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Q tv from Quadro works on your favourite devices, like Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. That means you don’t need to rent set-top boxes or pay those monthly fees. With Q tv you can Bring Your Own Device and access content using a simple app that resides right next to your favourite streaming apps.


If you missed the game last night you can replay / restart to watch from the beginning of the program. You can Lookback up to 36 hours on select channels so no one misses out.

Record and Watch Later

Record your favourite shows at once and playback from any device in your home on your Cloud DVR. Record up to 200 hours (5 hours included) of programming on any device in your home.

View our Q tv packages starting at $129.95 / month on our website and explore all the ways to watch Q tv by clicking here.

Please call 519-229-8933 to speak directly with one of our representatives today.