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Full Stream Ahead

February 23, 2021

With Quadro’s high-speed and hardware

This article (Sponsored Content) originally appeared on The Stratford Local on January 28th, 2021 and was written by Metro Creative Services

Quadro Communications recognizes its customers need the best and promises to provide reliable and secure internet for staying connected during both work and play.

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The once familiar sound of a dial-up internet connection is all but unfamiliar to most these days.  High-speed internet was a silent luxury by comparison, but as more people connect for work and school at home, it is now paramount for anyone to get their work done on time.

Quadro Communications recognizes its customers need the best and promises to provide reliable and secure internet for staying connected during both work and play.  Having the right router and mesh system, which is a series of small nodes placed around your home to boost your Wi-Fi signal, is just an added benefit Quadro offers its customers.

While working and learning from home is now a reality for most, the internet isn’t being used just from 9 to 5.  Streaming online shows, scrolling through social media, and playing games online also play a role in internet usage.

You don’t want to have the dreaded frozen screen in a work meeting, but you also don’t want a lost connection during movie night at home.

Considering these factors is necessary in determining how much internet you need, in addition to discovering any Wi-Fi dead zones in your home, which can be solved with the proper router and mesh system combo.

Other internet company packages can include limits of usage, meaning once users go over their monthly allowance they are hit with costly fees and sometimes a slowed down speed as a result.

Quadro customers can be at ease, with no hidden fees for overages, because the company offers unlimited internet.

All internet providers have two separate speeds they deliver to customers: download speed and upload speed.

Download speed refers to the speed it takes to receive data from the internet to your computer (device); for example, how long it takes for a picture to load online, or to download a PDF from an email. This speed tends to be higher because people are doing these actions the most with their internet usage. (For how Broadband works with devices watch this video).

Upload speed refers to the speed of your computer to transfer data to the internet, like when posting a photo online or sending an email.

Quadro offers four different internet packages for customers, depending on their needs and typical internet usage. The website also provides a brief write-up on each package, including info on how many devices will work best with it, so that customers aren’t stuck guessing at what package will work best for them and their family.  In addition, you can purchase Quadro’s router,  and pair with our Mesh Wi-Fi extender, making your entire home a superior Wi-Fi hotspot.

Quadro is also an NTCA gig-certified provider, meaning Quadro’s professional router is capable of providing up to 1 Gbps download speed – which is described as “blazing fast“.

As working from home has become essential, it might be time to take a look at your current internet package. Quadro is a local company, and prides itself on “telecom done right” since 1924.

Experience worry-free, high-speed and unlimited internet with Quadro today, for no more frozen work meetings, and so that you can full-stream ahead.

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