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DIY Home Lighting Ideas

March 23, 2021

DIY home lighting ideas to brighten your day

From the Stratford Local’s Home Sweet Home series, presented by Quadro Communications – Originally published March 15, 2021

Your home’s lighting influences your productivity and mood, so use these DIY home lighting ideas to help you upgrade your space and brighten your day.

Image of a woman dimming her lights via an app on her tabletIndoor lighting doesn’t just keep you from stubbing your toes in the dark – it also sets the tone and creates the atmosphere for each room in your home. Good lighting can influence your productivity and enhance your mood – that’s why it’s so important to get it right!

If the lighting in your home has been the same since you moved in, or there are dark corners here and harsh, bare bulbs there, take a look at some of these quick DIY home lighting upgrades to make the most of your space and brighten your day.

1. Smart Lights

Smart lights allow you to control the lighting in your home from your phone or smart home device. Options like the Sengled Smart LED Light Bulb can be voice-controlled through Alexa or Google Home. They also have wake-up and sleep modes that will gradually brighten or dim at a specified time to help you wake up or get to sleep – perfect for those nightstand lamps. Smart lights are also one of the most versatile options as far as setting the mood. Change between dozens of colors and adjust the warmth and brightness for the activity or atmosphere.

2. Nightlight Outlets

Make your outlets do double duty by converting them into nightlights (and you won’t take up one of the outlets with a plug!). Nightlight outlets like SnapPower’s Guidelight 2 Plus are great for bathrooms or dark hallways with a gentle light that illuminates from the bottom of the outlet cover. They’re designed to work with all standard outlets and come in three different colors.

In the kids’ bedrooms, you might prefer the Radiant® 15A Tamper-Resistant Outlet with Night Light. In these, the light strip runs between the two outlets, and it turns on automatically at night. Choose between five different light levels for exactly as much as you need to scare away those monsters under the bed.

3. Solar Lights

You don’t have to have solar panels to use solar lights. There are a number of available options for portable or fixed solar lighting like the KK.BOL Solar Lamp. You can use this lamp, or other similar solar options, as a task light in dark corners, closets, and crawl spaces. With a short charging time in the sun, you’ll have 6-7 hours of light that gradually dims as it loses charge. These solar lights can be a great option for your deck, walkway, garage, or any other place that either receives sunlight during the day or that you access sporadically. An added benefit of portable solar lights is the ability to take them with you when you go camping!

4. Under-Cabinet Light Strips

Use under-cabinet lighting to enhance your cooking experience or illuminate your workspace in a laundry room or workshop. With products like the EShine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting, installation is as easy as a peel-and-stick adhesive or two small screws, and you’ll have twenty inches of motion-activated lighting right where you need it. The EShine has a full dimming range that you can adjust by simply holding your hand under the light and even has a memory for your last brightness setting.

5. Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your current home lighting situation. These switches are easy to install and allow you to adjust your lighting to the time of day and mood. Baby’s naptime? Dim the lights in the nursery. Need to see the smallest detail of that DIY repair? Use the toggle switch to get maximum brightness in the den. Dimmers like this Lutron model are compatible with LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.

Your home’s lighting can transform dark or uninviting areas into warm, cozy nooks and clear, bright work and living spaces. These quick DIY upgrades will help you create the perfect mood and functionality in every room!

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