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Connecting the Community of Thamesford

April 6, 2021

Connecting the Community of Thamesford, Ontario

Fiber optic Network closes the Digital Deficient.

Members from Quadro and Township of Zorra in front of the Town Sign for Thamesford, Ontario for Connecting the Community of Thamesford announcement

L to R: Mayor Marcus Ryan, Township of Zorra; Quadro’s Shannon Smith, Brandi Zvonkin, John DeHeer, General Manager and Councillor Kate Davies, Township of Zorra

Frustrations of having to deal with poor or limited internet access, coupled with less than adequate customer support, will soon be a distant memory for residents in the community of
Thamesford, in the County of Oxford, all thanks to Quadro Communications’ investment of fibre optics to their community. The project is anticipated to take 2.5 – 3 years beginning in 2021.

“Quadro is pleased to be bringing our Fibre network to the Village of Thamesford in Zorra Township. It has become imperative that all communities have access to reliable high-speed internet as evidenced by the need for internet services in today’s world. This project when completed will provide the services needed for today and will future proof these customers as requirements change. Quadro is dedicated to continuing our mission by enriching our customers experience with personal service and innovative products,” said John H. DeHeer, General Manager, Quadro Communications.

The CRTC has established targets for internet speeds for Canadian homes and businesses of at least 50 Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps for upload. Quadro is already capable of exceeding these requirements on our fibre network.

With the availability of fibre optics in the community of Thamesford, residents will be able to connect online without experiencing that annoying lag when opening a browser or during a video conversation. Parents will be able to stream their favorite shows or catch up on work while the kids complete their homework, play their favorite online games and listen to a podcast all at the same time. With advances in technology, our seniors have the ability to video chat with their grandchildren (no matter where they are in the world providing, they have access to adequate broadband service) at any time or with a registered healthcare professional instead of commuting to the city.

Fibre is less susceptible to disruptions from inclement weather or other interference. If there is a service disruption it is often easier to diagnose and resolve the issue, often without having to send out a technician, when the facility is connected with fibre. As your neighbour in the community, Quadro is onsite quickly if a problem ever arises. The $3 million Thamesford project is part of Quadro’s Fibre expansion plan that aims to bring better broadband to underserved homes and businesses. This expansion is funded solely by Quadro.

About Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc. (Quadro):

Since 1924 Quadro has responded to the needs of the rural communities it serves from providing private line dial tone to rural high-speed internet solutions ahead of the competition. Quadro was established in November 1994, after converting from the Blanshard Municipal Telephone System. Originally serving the communities of Sebringville, Granton, Kirkton and Uniondale, in recent years, Quadro has been expanding into neighbouring communities like Mitchell, Lucan, St. Marys, and Harrington. As a Co-operative, the company is owned by its members. Members as such have a voice and share in the profits.  The commitment to the well-being of our members extends far beyond the provisioning of products and services as Quadro contributes to the benefit of our local communities as well.

For more information contact: John DeHeer, General Manager
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