Toll Free

A toll free number is the perfect no-hassle,
low cost alternative to calling cards or collect calls.
Give the number to traveling family members or a
student away at college.

Set Up Options

  • Your new toll free number will ring on your main telephone number or a distinctive ring number
    if you prefer.
  • Your toll free service area covers your choice of Canada, USA or both, or can be narrowed down to
    specific area codes.
  • You can have a toll free number which allows calls from a specific overseas country. There are set up
    charges and monthly service charges for this service. Please call or email us with specifics so we may
    provide you with pricing for your specific request.
  • You may choose to list your toll free number at no cost.
  • You can request a "Vanity" number, such as 1-877-OUR-HOME. There is a service charge applicable
    for choosing your own number (if available).

NOTE: Changes made after the initial establishment of your toll free number are subject to Bell's service
charges. There is no cost to terminate your toll free service.


  • No Monthly Fee
  • Toll free calls appear in the long distance section of your monthly bill and are rated the same as
    outgoing calls according to your calling plan.
  • If you wish to know when someone is calling using your toll free number, consider having your toll free
    number ring to a distinctive ring number so you can identify the incoming calls. The cost for distinctive
    ring is $2.10/mo. for residential customers.
  • You can use your toll free number to check your voice mail. Dial your own toll free number, then when
    you hear your voice mail greeting press * and enter your password, followed by #.
To order a toll free number please call our office at (519) 229-8933

A one time set up charge of $20.00 applies to residential customers.

Your toll free number will be in place within 10 business days of receipt of your request. You will be contacted with your new number when it is activated.

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