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What is Fibre Optics

November 24, 2021

The Quadro Fibre Construction Process

The 3 Step Process to Bring Fibre to the Home

What does fibre optic internet mean to you? What exactly is fibre?  What will it cost me to have fibre brought to my home?  What is the construction process like?

These are all frequently asked questions.

What is fibre optics?

Fibre optics is a glass strand (comparable in size to a human hair) designed to guide light along its length. When used in communication applications, fibre optics permit transmission over longer distances and at faster speeds than other forms of communications. Fibre is less susceptible to potential disruptions from inclement weather or other interference. If there is a service disruption it is often easier to diagnose and resolve the issue.

What will it cost me to have fibre brought to my home?

Though some companies require a multi-year contract or down payment to bring you fibre optics, Quadro Communications offers this service completely free of charge when we’re burying mainline fibre in the public right of way, during major construction projects.  Quadro asks for written permission to bring the fibre optics to the side of your home with no obligation to take their services at any time.

What is the construction process like?

The construction process to have fibre optics brought into your home or business is a 3-step process.

Step 1
– Locate paint and flags appear on front lawns to negate utilities such as gas, water, hydro etc. are not disturbed during construction.  A fibre optic main line is placed along the roadway with heavy machinery.  Boxes will be installed flush to the ground, appearing on the municipal right of way (near the road) on some homeowner’s properties.

Step 2 –
Homeowner gives written permission to have a fibre line buried to the side of their house.  Contractors meet and discuss the placement of the fibre on the property with the homeowner.  Locates are then called to get from the road to the property.  Once locates are in hand, the line will be buried to the home.  A small grey fibre box will be mounted on the outside of the home.

Step 3 – Quadro will contact you when the fibre optic services are ready to be brought inside the home and schedule an installation for services.  Quadro technicians arrive and have the fibre brought from the outside of your home to the inside.  This is usually located in the basement, close to the electrical panel.  Now you can enjoy lightening fast fibre optics in your home!

Quadro’s fibre is ‘Fibre to the Home’, which means a direct fibre line is brought to your home and not shared with anyone else.  Some companies may use ‘Fibre to the Node’, which is a shared resource with neighbours and utilizes existing copper network to the homes.

*Charges could apply for burying fibre lines to your home.  

To learn more about Quadro’s Network and to get set up with Quadro’s fibre optic internet visit our website at

About Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc. (Quadro):

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Quadro Communications Co-operative was established in November 1994, after converting from the Blanshard Municipal Telephone System, established in 1924. Originally, our service area was limited to the exchanges of Sebringville, Granton, Kirkton and Uniondale. In recent years, the Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC), has approved our expansion into the neighbouring communities of Birr, Bryanston, Clandeboye, Dublin, Harrington, Lucan, Mitchell, St. Columban, Thamesford and Wellburn. In 2019, Quadro announced our Fibre to the Home project in the Town of St. Marys, a three-year project to cover the entire town with the latest Fibre technology. Quadro is one of several independent telecommunication companies in Southwestern Ontario.