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I have multiple devices running on Wi-Fi but my connection seems to be lagging. What could be the problem?

Multiple devices running in your home over the internet require a faster connection speed.  Connecting multiple devices wirelessly in the home also requires an adequate wi-fi solution to ensure all devices work effectively.  Updating your router delivers the latest generation of Wi-Fi which enables devices to handle demanding applications such as Ultra HD and 4K video, multimedia streaming and rapid file transfer on tablets, gaming devices, handsets and many other devices. Call our support team to troubleshoot! 

How do I use my Quadro Email account?

The following playlist of tutorials will help you navigate your Quadro webmail account.  The topics will cover logging into your email account, managing your emails, sending a message, replying to emails, forwarding emails, adding contacts to the address book, changing your password, searching for emails, managing folders and logging out of your webmal account. 

My service is not working, what should I do?

If you experience any issues with your service please contact 519-229-8020 for support.

Are there any services down?

If there any outages we will display the effected services at our main webpage, please click this link to be directed there.

What Internet services do you offer and where?

We offer a variety of Internet services and speeds based on your location. To find more information regarding Internet products and pricing please visit our internet products page.

My Internet doesn’t work what can I do?

We would be happy to assist you at Quadro Support but encourage you to try disconnecting the power for 20 seconds and reconnecting the power from your router and then restart your computer. If you still continue to have issues please contact Quadro Support.

My email doesn’t work.

Please verify your software settings with our user guides. If you continue to have problems please contact Quadro Support.

I have slow speeds.

Please verify your speeds are close to what you are paying for at a speedtest site.  If speeds are drastically different than what you’re paying for please contact Quadro Support.

How much bandwidth am I using?

We are currently not billing based on usage. When we implement this you will be provided access to your monthly usage in advance.

Where can I return my modem?

You can return your modem to our Kirkton or St. Marys retail locations.. If you haven’t already contacted Quadro Support please inform us you will be returning or swapping your modem.

I have received a strange email or why are you asking for email password what do I do?

Quadro will never ask for your password, this is spam and please disregard. Please review our spam information page for more details.

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User guides for:
Password generator
Benefits of a Strong Password

Using a strong password is important in today's online world. There are so many online services that we rely on and everyone thinks "oh, I'll never get hacked" or "I don't have anything to hide anyway". We want to assure you that it is important to consider using a strong password for your Quadro account. Here are a few tips to creating a good strong password:

  • never user dictionary words
  • do not use names, dates and places familiar to you
  • use a mixture of lower case and upper case letters, numbers and symbols
  • use Quadro's online password meter to check your password strength
  • aim for a password strength of at least 60 and remember the higher the score the better
  • use phrases you can easily remember to help generate a password

Password: iL2gFiTsDa5!
Phrase: I like to go fishing in the summer daily after 5PM.

Find our password meter online at

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