What is Fibre?

    Fibre optics is a glass cable designed to guide light along its length. When used in communication applications, fibre optics permit transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates than other forms of communications - ideal for Quadro’s widespread rural area. Quadro intends to expand broadband service capacity, by migrating all of our independent local exchange customers from existing copper cable to fibre-to-the-home. This requires reburying our entire service area with fibre optic cable along roads and to customer premises. The fibre project continues and promises many new opportunities to our customers. Quadro’s monetary reserves will be used to bury the fibre and install connection equipment in homes and businesses.

    advantages of fibre optics

    Telecommunications at the speed of light! - Fibre allows for more bandwidth (the way we measure speed). Fibre to your home or business will provide you with a fast, efficient and more reliable internet service.

    Greater Reliability - Fibre optic cable is less susceptible to interference and can withstand shock and vibration such as potential disruption from inclement weather.  In the event of a service disruption, our technicians are able to detect and resolve problems faster on the fibre optic network.

    Cost Effective - Fibre optic cable is more advanced yet less expensive than the equivalent length of copper wire. Quadro's initial investment in fibre optics is costly but will ensure our members are equipped with leading edge technology to meet  increasing telecommunication demands.

    Enhanced Services - With fibre optics, customers will now have the opportunity for faster internet speeds, more reliable landline service with enhanced features and digital HD TV service (where available).

    How does fibre optics work?

    To understand how fibre optic cable works, imagine yourself looking through a flexible plastic pipe several miles long. The inside surface of the pipe is coated with a perfect mirror and several miles away at the other end, a flashlight shines into the pipe.  The flashlight’s beam will reflect off the sides of the pipe, even though the pipe may curve and twist, the light at the other end is still seen. If the flashlight were turned on and off in morse code fashion, you could communicate through that pipe with someone at the other end.

    stage: 1 Construction

    The first stage in this project is to bury fibre optic cables and conduit underground along the roadside. Quadro has subcontracted Weber Contracting Ltd. to assist with burying conduit for the fibre optic cable.  There are different ways in which we put the cables in the ground. One way, is with a cable plow and the other is with a directional boring machine as identified in the pictures below. You will notice orange locate flags in your area which will indicate we are ready to bury cable in your area.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding construction and how the fibre will be buried on your property, you may email (emails will be responded to within 2 business days) or contact the office at 519-229-8933 and a Customer Service Representative will ask Barry Stone, our Field Operations Manager to address your questions or concerns.

    Fibre Optic Cable PlowDirectional Boring

    stage: 2 Fibre to your home or business

    The second stage involves burying a fibre optic cable and a conduit from a vault or terminal usually located close to the road, directly to your home or business. Before this step occurs a representative from Weber Contracting will need to speak with you to complete a survey of your property to determine the best way to bury the fibre optic cable from the terminal at the road to the building where service is required. The purpose of the survey is to identify potential obstacles such as hydro and gas lines, dog fences, septic tanks and wells etc.

    When the fibre optic service wire is brought to your premise, our installers will need to mount a small splice enclosure box on the outside of the building. This box will allow us to gain access to locate the cable and assist with trouble shooting efforts if required.



    Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office at 519-229-8933 and a Customer Service Representative will have Barry Stone, our Field Operations Manager respond to you. You may also email inquiries to (emails will be responded to within 2 business days). 

    stage: 3 - the Cutover

    At this point we will be contacting you, to advise that we are ready to convert your existing copper technology to the Quadro fibre optic network.

    The conversion of service from your existing copper network to Quadro, is completely FREE of charge, as Quadro is making this investment in support of our local communities.

    The upgrade to fibre optic technology is intended to have minimal disruption to the customer premise.  An O.N.T (Optical Network Terminal) will be mounted inside your residence or business close to where the fibre has been buried to the building.  A small hole will be made through the wall to connect the fibre cable from outside, to the O.N.T installed inside, where it is protected from inclement weather.  The O.N.T will be connected to your existing inside wiring which will allow your existing landline service to continue to function, once transferred to the fibre network.

    Please note the O.N.T. requires a 110V electrical outlet for the power supply with battery backup power for up to 6 hours of direct wired telephone use during a power outage. 

    It is anticipated that you will want to subscribe to our superfast internet service, in which case our technicians will run a CAT5E cable from the O.N.T to your router or computer while we are onsite, again at no additional cost to you!

    We kindly ask for your patience during this transition period.  Whenever possible we would prefer to access your home or business only once to complete this install to avoid any further disruption. We trust that you will find the benefits of fibre optic service, will far outweigh any short term inconvenience.


    Installation of the O.N.T and battery backup will take approximately 2 hours.  The installation of this unit is of no cost to the customer. Technicians will bring a plywood board to mount the O.N.T and power supply with battery backup on.  On most occasions the equipment will be installed near other utilities in your home or business in a similar fashion to the diagram shown below.


    stage: 4 - COMPLETION

    Fibre optic technology is intended to have minimal disruption to the customer premise.  We will make all efforts to minimize any disturbance to your property and all necessary restoration will be completed promptly (weather permitting).


    For addition information on fibre optic services or to book your conversion appointment please call: 519-229-8933 or email:




    ABSOLUTELY! A house is generally worth much more if it has access to utilities including a new technology like fibre optics. With fibre your home is equipped with the newest technology.


    Landline phone rates remain the same once converted to fibre optics. Internet pricing may change based on the new fibre internet package you choose at the time of the fibre conversion. With fibre a Quadro customer may be eligible for Digital TV service. This will be at an additional monthly cost. A Quadro representative will assist you in choosing the appropriate packages and confirm pricing prior to installation of services.


    No. Not all of Quadro's serving area has fibre optic technology. Contact the office to see if fibre is available in your area.


    Using the fiber optic network, our digital TV service will transform the way you experience television. Unlike satellite TV, Quadro TV does not require a dish installed on the outside of your home or business. Quadro TV lines are run through the ground which means minimal disruptions due to inclement weather and no need for a clear line of sight to ensure a satellite signal. Add TV service to your Quadro service line-up and receive additional bundle discounts on your monthly bill.


    The fibre optic network does not power itself.  The fibre optic signal comes from light which comes from the battery power source we supply at the time of installation. This battery also supplies emergency telephone service during power outages.

    How long will the battery last when the power goes out in my home?

    The fibre terminal has battery backup power for up to 6 hours of direct wired telephone use during a power outage.  The battery is rechargeable, therefore once the power is back on it will immediately begin recharging itself.

    Will I be responsible for the battery placed in my home?

    Quadro will monitor and maintain the battery and will replace it free of charge when it nears the end of its life or if the unit fails.

    How will I know when its time to replace the battery in my home?

    Quadro's network management software we can monitor for low battery, no power and even no battery power from our central offices. Under normal circumstances, we will be able to detect a battery malfunction and replace the battery before it fails.


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