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    Computer Repair and I.T. Solutions


       Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

    "ULCH Transport has continued to grow over the past years and our computer network was not being maintained. Approximately ten months ago I learned that Quadro had started a computer repair & network setup service. With their close proximity and their knowledgeable staff I decided that we would start using Quadro services. A short time later, just before we had an opportunity to implement Quadro’s recommendations, our system went down. Matt and his staff worked into the night to get us back up and operating. The manager of Quadro stopped in on his way home and again on his way to work to ensure things were going alright. We have implemented the recommendations of Quadro and have not had any major issues since. When we have problems, the Quadro staff are able to do repairs remotely or are on site quickly. Quadro has a dedicated group to ensure ULCH Transport is able to keep operating."  Robert Wilhelm - President, ULCH Transport St. Marys, ON.

    "We approached Quadro when we needed to upgrade our business internet. The service they provided was fantastic, far better than the big national companies gave us. They were truly interested in giving us the best solution for our business. Since then, we have used Quadro for all of our I.T. services and we couldn’t be happier. Their service is fast, their staff is very knowledgeable, and they are reasonably priced. We love having Quadro as our I.T. support company."   Janet Oliver - Adanac Images St. Marys, ON.



    (Available at all Quadro locations)

    Take control of your home network. You finally have the power over all the devices in your home. With the Quadro GigaCenter, you will get unprecedented performance in wireless speed and coverage that reaches throughout the entire home.  Elevate your internet experience with a fully managed home WiFi & internet service.

    The Calix 844E GigaCenter is a next generation residential premises service delivery platform that extends the access network into the home and acts as a strategic location for control of the gigabit experience. Supporting broadband connectivity within the home and distributing subscriber voice, data and video services, this intelligent, high-performance service platform integrates an Ethernet interface with switching and routing functions that support speeds up to 1 Gbps symmetrically. The GigaCenter service interfaces include: carrier class wireless networking with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a USB port for home networking services.





     Basic Diagnostic/system tune-up

    Standard hardware/software diagnostic for a device and removal of any Spyware and Adware. We will provide n estimate for the cost to repair the device if required. This package is exchangable for a service of greater value if required.

    In Store $59.95      On-Site $89.95

      Cleaning & Maintenance

    A physical internal and external cleaning of a computer, which includes zip-tying internal cabling if required to maximize airflow

    In Store $35.95     On-Site $49.95

      software INSTALL

    Installation of a single software title to an existing Windows or Mac operating system.

    In Store $19.95     On-Site $29.95

      component Install

    Installation of a single piece of hardware or peripheral software/driver. Installation of the component, if applicable. 

    In Store $39.95     On-Site $59.95

      Training - 30 minutes

    A half-hour of in store or on-site training. Let us show you how to get the most out of your new technology. Sit with a Quadro expert for up to thirty minutes of training on your personal computer or on any device we sell. 

    In Store $39.95     On-Site $59.95

      Diagnostic & repair

    A complete hardware and software diagnostic of a single system. Service includes labour required to repair the unit such as virus removals, operating system reinstallations, driver reinstallations, hardware installations, etc..

    In Store $139.95     On-Site $239.95

      Device setup

    Installation, setup and personalization of your device (Printer, Scanner, Network Storage Drive, etc.).  

    On-Site $59.95

      data to usb backup

    Backing up data from a device to storage onto a USB drive. *USB Drive is included. 

    8GB   Storage   In Store $49.95    On-Site $69.95

    32GB  Storage   In Store $59.95     On-Site $79.95

    128GB Storage   In Store $79.95     On-Site $99.95

    256GB Storage   In Store $129.95    On-Site $149.95 

      Data migration

    Import your document, bookmarks, contacts, emails from one device to another device. Have all your data in the right place.

    In Store $49.95     On-Site $89.95

      computer setup

    Setup and personalization of a new computer. Service includes all critical software/operating system updates, performance review, including tweaks for optimal performance and removal of pre-installed trial software/adware. Installation of client requested software (e.g. iTunes, FireFox, Skype), printer installation. 

    In Store $79.95     On-Site $109.95

      Standard network setup

    Setup of a router, configuration of settings, including SSID, wireless security, firewall settings and port forwarding (if required). Site survey for signal quality assessment, physically connecting the router with setup/troubleshooting the wireless connection on a single device.

    Router Included $209.95     On-Site $69.95

      PREMIUM network setup

    Setup of a router, configuration of settings including SSID, wireless security, firewall settings and port forwarding (if required). Site survey for signal and quality assessment, physically connecting the router ith integration and troubleshooting for up to five (5) devices on a single network. Additional devices can be setup at $10 per device over the five included devices at the time of initial setup. 

    Router Included $229.95     On-Site $79.95

      Additional Note:


    A diagnostic fee of $19.95 may apply. Speak to a representative for details.

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    (Available at all Quadro locations)

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