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Bundles/ Terms & Conditions

Bundle Terms and Conditions

  1. Quadro’s Bundle Program is available to all new or existing customers who subscribe to eligible services in the bundle program, as per the terms set out below. The bundle program, or any aspect of it, may be changed, modified or cancelled by Quadro at any time.
  2. To be eligible for bundle discounts, all of the following must apply at the time you subscribe to participate in the program and
    1. You must bundle 2 or more qualified services. Any existing subscribed services that are not considered ‘qualified services’ must be upgraded to be eligible for the discounted rate. Speak to a Customer Service Representative for details on qualified services.
    2. EXCEPTION: *Discount is applied on having multiple qualified services. Due to CRTC compliance requirements, there is one exception, Quadro is unable to discount multiple residential/business wired telephone lines where the CRTC ruling applies. For illustration purposes; if you have 2 phone lines and internet, you would receive a $5 discount for having 2 qualified services (telephone and internet). Discounts may apply where not CRTC regulated. Speak to a Customer Service Representative for full details.
  3. Your qualified services must be consolidated under the same name and address on one invoice.
  4. All of your accounts must be in good standing with Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc.
  5. The bundle discount is applied before applicable taxes and after credits.
  6. Unless otherwise specified by Quadro, the discount may not be combined with any other offers or discounts on your qualified service and will not be applied during any promotion of a qualified service. For illustration purposes; if you’re receiving a discount for one qualified service, you will not receive an additional discount.
  7. Multiple internet connections to one Residential/Business on the same bill are considered its own qualified service and therefore eligible for the bundle discount.
  8. Multiple cellular devices on the same bill (each monthly plan must be equal to or greater than $25.00 – not including additional features) would be considered its own qualified service and therefore would qualify for the bundle discount.
  9. Quadro bundle discounts are based on subscribing to what are considered ‘qualified services only’. Select Quadro service plans may not qualify for bundle discounting.
  10. Services that are NOT included for bundle discounts are: Long Distance,; Calling Features (Including Cellular plans); usage/service charges; Pay Per View (PPV); Movie Rentals; Digital TV add-ons or themes; Quadro Essential TV service, Prepaid cellular or grandfathered (old) Quadro service packages.
  11. Qualified services must be equal to or greater than $25 per month per service before taxes.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Quadro’s Customer Service team. See contact us for contact information.

These terms and conditions are current as of March 2022.

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